Jitsie – New Products

TRS Swingarm Protector:

The Jitsie swingarm protectors prevent the swingarm from getting scratched or damaged during a crash or while riding.

* made of strong plastic with a nice carbon look finish
* easy to mount using cable ties and original bolts


35,00 GBP


Omnia Pant:

Riding trials requires freedom of movement, complete control and total comfort. Updated for 2019, the Jitsie Omnia pant unites all of these qualities and sets a new performance standard for classic, modern and trail riders.

* lightweight stretch fabrics for optimal comfort and relaxed fit
* fabrics coated for increased water repellency
* 2 long front ventilation zippers to improve airflow into the pant
* flycam waist closure and strong zippers
* 2 side pockets with zips for score card, money or smart phone storage
* pant sleeves designed to work inside or outside the boots
* side prints on bottom part of the pant for extra durability


112,50 GBP




Kit Fuel Breather PVC tube

Transparent tank breather tubes to replace the original grey ones mounted on the Beta Evo.

* 2 transparent tubes, each 25cm long
* 3x5mm
* made from PVC


3,50 GBP

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