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Last week’s Moto 3 winner, John McPhee joined Ian Smith, founder of OSET Bikes on the Riders for Health stage earlier today.

While discussing the origins of the brand and the new 2017 range with presenter, Matt Roberts, Ian welcomed the young rider, who himself rides an OSET.

John said: “When anyone asks me how to get into bikes I recommend OSET.  They are fantastically responsive and OSET helps me refine my own throttle and brake control.

“They are the best bikes on the market for what they do and I only wish they were around when I was younger.”

All while the interview was going on, the OSET Dynamo display team, aged 4 – 15, impressed the watching audience with some of their flamboyant riding skills.

Following the interview, Oliver Smith managed 60 back wheel hops in 30 seconds in front of the watching crowd, enjoying the September sunshine.

Donated is a new OSET 12.5R which will be auctioned off at the charity auction later today, having been signed by as many riders and legends as possible.  First signature on the bike is naturally – John McPhee!

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