John Shirt Jnr celebrates a great GasGas weekend

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Road and Trials GAS GAS rider JACK PRICE has come of age and is now the 2016 WORLD TRIAL2 Class Champion.

Jack clinched this at Day 1 on Saturday at the fantastic WTC UK at Tong near Leeds.

The event was fairly easy because of the good weather for the top riders of the T2 class so the pressure was on. Jack didn’t show any nerves and reminded me of a young Dougie with his focus and confidence.

He won the day and won the championship at home, a dream come true for Jack and his committed family and his close ‘Barnsley Team’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 20.39.32This was Jacks third year in the T2 class and he really has matured and grown into a special rider this year. He’s a grafter, he’s from Yorkshire and he wants to win. Again after my comments last week I will say the same again…the family must take the praise from me today, his excellent minder and his long term supporters Tony and Kerry Kaye from Road and Trials who have looked after Jack from a very young age.

Nobody wins without a good team around them and this year all the parts of the jigsaw have been in place for Jack and I’m pleased he’s done it on GAS GAS. I went to Milan show in November last year which was a very important trip for me and all concerned. I met the new owners for the very first time and the pressure of getting the GG Factory Trial Team in place was indeed running late. The current GG riders were under pressure from other importers and worried about their future and so was i.

The initial meeting went well and we knew the ‘Trial Team’ had to be sorted ASAP. Jack Price was texting me ‘quite a lot’ and I begged him to trust me and I pushed hard, I assured Jack he would be part of the Factory Team and I would do all I can for him to achieve his goal. He went to Spain in the winter on his own, no parents and no girlfriend, just him in his van and an already well used 2015 bike. Jack trained hard and did not get a new 2017 bike until WTC Japan at the end of April. When armed with new bikes Jack went up a level and dominated the class and he has now done it and im so happy for him and all concerned.

I also must take this opportunity to thank the new management of GAS GAS namely Ivan Contreras, Juan Lopez, David Martinez, Albert Casanovas who trusted in both myself and the Italian importer Claudio Favro who were all very important in bringing the GG Factory Team back to the WTC paddock.

We lost Adam Raga so we knew to that to achieve great things in the main GP Class was not possible. We decided to concentrate on the Trial2 and Trial125 class which GG have now won. I am so proud that both JACK PRICE and JACK PEACE have done this. Yes they are GG UK riders but I have to say that the GG FG Factory Team is now a family again no matter where we are all from. It’s a great place to be after a year on ‘pause’ and im already looking forward to the next WTC and then next year!

Cloburn JSTGGUK rider Dan Peace bounced back in a big way this weekend and after a great 4th place on Day1 he won on Day 2 beating the new champ and team mate JP who was second.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 20.39.46Dan is now 4th in the Trial2 championship and can finish 3rd if he has a good final WTC weekend in Italy in 6 weeks time. This is Dan’s second year in the trial2 class (but missed rounds last year due to injury) so to finish 3rd would be fantastic for him

His younger brother Cloburn JSTGGUK rider and already Trial125 Champ Jack Peace won both days in style and now is just starting to feel at ease on the podium. Jack is now desperate for a ‘big bike’ and desperate’ to mix it in the Trial2 class which he will ride in Italy. Im personally buzzing about it, bring it on Jack lad !

Not much to report in the main GP Class for GASGAS unfortunately. Franzi Kadlec was the best GG rider with an 8th and 10th. Matteo Grattorola was 12th and 13th. I rode with Matteo both days and im still scratching my head to wonder why he rode so bad for his standards. Matteo is an awesome and very strong rider and has a character to match. He also has the best in the paddock. (Biased yes, but true) He is unbeatable in the Italian Championship but this year has failed to perform at WTC. Lets hope he can up his game at his home GP in Italy in September.

I must also congratulate my pal James Dabill for an excellent 2nd place on Day 1.

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GAS GAS girls Sandra Gomez and JSTGGUK rider Katy Sunter were flying the GG flag in the women’s WTC class and rode well. Sandra was 3rd and 4th and Katy was 6th both days. Good solid rides from both girls.

Also worth a mention are the Team Alford GG girls Louise and Catherine. Louise was 18th and 14th. Catherine 27th and 23rd. They had a great weekend with the whole family and enjoyed their ice creams at the finish.

Congrats also to Emma for the double home GP win.


Thanks to many more people for making this a very special weekend including our GGUK staff x


Thanks to for the pics


Best Regards


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