Jotagas special offer from Haven Trialsport


The UK Jotagas importers HAVEN TRIALSPORT have a batch of 2016 models at a very special price of £4895 inc vat and this is while stocks last at the factory.

These bikes differ from the standard 2016 bike in as much as they have totally revised engine mapping which makes the bikes feel very tractable with a much smoother power delivery and more importantly make the bikes much easier to ride off the bottom end. Haven say they advised the factory to set them this way so as to appeal to a wider market.

The mapping coupled with a new flatslide carb as standard and some other small mods now make the bikes feel better than any of the previous models as although the revised mapping has made the bike softer at the bottom it has also improved the spread of power through the rev range so softer at the bottom but with more power further up the powerband.

The bikes are available in 250cc and 300cc.

For info as to your nearest dealer Haven can be contacted on 01472 236117 or email

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