JST GGUK Bemrose report

JSTGGUK Trials Team ‘Top 4’ at The Bemrose National Trial

It was The Bemrose National Trial on Sunday close to the GGHQ near Buxton. Great old school National organised by the North Derbyshire, Manchester 17 and Macc Trials clubs. Blessed with fine weather which made for a low scoring Trial.

JSTGGUK Rider Richard Sadler WON the trial out on a box fresh new 2019 TXT300 GP.
JSTGGUK Rider Dan Thorpe was P2
JSTGGUK Rider Richard Timperley was P3
FK/ JSTGGUK Rider Chris Alford was P4
JSTGGUK Girl Katy Sunter was P4 intermediate
FK/ JSTGGUK Girl Louise Alford was P14 intermediate
FK/JSTGGUK Girl Caz Alford was P11 novice.

Full results here;

Thanks to Kev for Sadler GP bike prep.
Thanks to Richard, Dan and Timp for making the long drive back from BTC Saturday night to compete again Sunday 🙂

Also on Sunday was a North Berks Club Trial at Seymours arena.
Great to see the JSTGGUK Youth Team in action;

JSTGGUK Rider Mitch Brightmore was a close P2 Expert
JSTGGUK Rider Jack Dance was P1 Youth A
JSTGGUK Rider Ash Brightmore was P2 Youth A
JSTGGUK Rider Ben Dignan was P3 Youth A

Full results here;
Thanks to Nicky Dance for the nice Team pic

Good work Team!

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