JST GGUK Scott Trial round-up

The Team had a full attack at The Scott Trial headed by the GG Factory No.1 Rider James Dabill.


All the JSTGGUK Team lads were out in force and they all had a story to tell which is normal when things don’t go to plan.

Jack Peace

We did not have the best of luck this year and I must start with congratulating both Dougie Lampkin for the win and Beta UK (Ian, Guy, Richard) for the Team award. Both of these we tried to win.

James Dabill

JAMES DABILL was the best GG rider in 4th.

Dibs rode the event sensibly considering the bad weather. He did not get caught up in the ‘kids race’ early on and he rode his own event at a pace he could sustain with no problems for 5 hours and 15 minutes to set standard time. Dibs had a puncture early on and water in the carb that would have affected his score. Nevertheless James was first to admit he was poor (by his standards) in the sections.

Dibs was one of the first to congratulate the winner.

Tom Minta

TOM MINTA was 7th which was fantastic!

Good on both time and observation. Tom can add this to his superb SSDT result of 5th back in May.



3 punctures and water in the carb didn’t help JR this year. Maybe trying to go too fast and racing with BB57 forced a few errors…

DAN PEACE was 11th. Very good in the sections but a little slow, but saying that he had no problems all day.

Michael Brown

MICHAEL BROWN was 12th which was not the plan.

Fairly fast considering 2 punctures / wheel changes and a few rad top ups. Observation was poor due to lack of bike time now he is a working man and a trapped nerve in his neck.

Michael possibly went too hard early on getting caught up in the kids race which may be forced him to lose too many marks.

Sam Haslam

SAM HASLAM cruised round in 13th, steady on both Time and Observation. Good result considering also lack of bike time.

A broken chain probably cost him 5 minutes.

Dan Thorpe

DAN THOPRE was a great 15th. Excellent on time which was a surprise for Dan. A few too many marks in the sections but nevertheless a great ride for the near 40 year old team anchor-man


JACK PEACE was best newcomer in 26th. Way too slow (expected) because of a chest infection but good in the sections. (I was 9th first time Jack lad)

Jack Price

JACK PRICE was a cruel DNF.

Jack was very fast and was easily going to set standard time until his bike finally gasped enough at Section 73 at Rotten Wood. Jack pushed crazy hard from the off with Billy Bolt and JR. He came off Grouse Moor first and looked fresh. Pushing hard in the later stages forced his bike to overheat and fried the head O-rings. JPs ‘race’ came to a halt after Rotten Wood and he was out.

Jack showed massive heart in getting his bike to the finish, with assistance that was not hidden. I was impressed with Jacks 100% effort on Saturday and he will win this event one day I’m sure. A little more experience and more understanding of looking after his bike needed.


8 x GG riders in the Scott Spoon results.


Thanks to www.trialmaguk.com for the pics.


BIG thanks for the best prepped GG bikes in the event (Dabill Price Brown) by Factory Kev.


Congrats to ALL finishes regardless of brand…Tough day.


We got spanked this year but we will be back strong next year.




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