JST GGUK SSDT Teams announced

There is only one place to be the first week in May and that’s the Scottish Six Days Trial.


GAS GAS support opens in the paddock at 9am Sunday morning April 30th for the popular ‘way-in’ day.


Last minute preparations for all the riders which are very well supported by all the importers. Good luck to all riders, not just GG ones.


For TEAM JSTGGUK I am proud to announce our two Teams for the Manufactures Award which for both me and the GG brand is very prestigious.

These are the teams I have chosen and even without Factory #1 Rider James Dabill, we still have a good chance of winning the best Team award.


Team JST GAS GAS A Team;

Michael Brown

Jack Price

Sam Haslam


Team JST GAS GAS B Team;

Dan Thorpe

Jordi Pasquet

Jack Peace


Legend Dougie Lampkin is clear favourite for the overall win but my boys will push him all the way. Michael is in a good place at the moment now that he is not a professional trials rider and riding for fun. He’s riding very relaxed and is buzzing. Excellent recent form sees Michael as my no.1 rider next week. There’s no pressure from me because after five runner up places im sure you can imagine how bad Michael wants to win his first SSDT.


Jack Price is also looking forward to his first SSDT on a ‘big bike’. JP rode his first Scottish on a 125cc two years and sat out last year to concentrate on the Trial2 World Title which he duly won. JP is also riding well at the moment and although he’s spent all winter riding in Spain he too is looking forward riding with his ‘team mate’ Pdog. These two ride well together and I think the banter in the week will be good fun.


Sam Haslam is the third member of the A Team and will ride relaxed with good buddy Jack Lee. Sam rides very well in Scotland with his chilled style and will sure to have a good ride, hopefully with a bit of luck on his side which has been against him the past few years. Jack will keep him on his toes and will keep him focussed.


Dan Thorpe is the grafter of the Team and has been in excellent form this year riding every weekend. Dan has done a few Scottish’s now and his experience is invaluable. He’s also very bike fit at the moment and will be in to the swing of things especially after riding the Pre65 event. Dan loves being in the B Team with a goal of beating his fellow A Team riders. This he has done before and can do again.


Jordi Pasquet back on GG and riding only for fun. Jordi loves the Scottish and will just cruise around loving every minute.


Jack Peace rides his first Scottish this year on a 125. Jack will want the best newcomer award and want to beat his brothers’ position last year of 27th. Jack is riding with both myself and Michael Brown. Expect Jack to use a big rucksack to carry my food and his mum J

Tom Minta also rides his first Scottish and I think will push Jack all the way.


I am riding my 30th Scottish and just want a trouble free and enjoyable week watching and supporting my Team. The first year I’ve ridden a 250 now that I’m a ‘clubman’ so will see how it goes. I can forget the Over40 award because of the obvious problem of Doug Lampkin and also I genuinely wish Adam Norris the very best of luck up there. Adam has recently lost his dad so this year will be a emotional year for him no doubt. He will ride his heart pout in memory of his dad and I sincerely hope he has a great week.


Thanks to Factory Kev for preparing bikes for Michael, JP, Jack Peace and myself.


Good luck to all of you!



John Shirt


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