JST GGUK weekend round-up

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Jack Price

Road and Trials GAS GAS Rider Jack Price rode an indoor trial in Germany on Saturday night resulting in injury. He crashed out in a run off for the 5th placed rider that went through to the final.


A simple mistake saw JP crash out landing on his face cutting his chin and hurting his wrist and shoulder. He was a bit sore Sunday morning but brushed it off and is back riding today! #yorkshiregrit


Team JSTGGUK riders Michael Brown, Dan and Jack Peace dominated the Scarborough and District MCC Trial on Sunday. Michael won, Dan Peace was second and Jack Peace won the A Class and would hae been third overall.


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 18.22.54
Michael Brown

The results were close and Michael had a shaky start with a flag issue on section2. Good to see Michael back riding ‘between’ flags which he needs to do more of now before the serious events start in April.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 18.23.21
Jack Peace

Michael won on 16, Dan 17, Jack 20 on a 125.

Dan Thorpe was a rare weekend off after having his eyes lasered.

Dan Peace
Dan Peace

Thanks John Watson for the great pics of the Scarborough lads.

Regards ..

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