JSTGGUK Youth Team at YMSA

JSTGGUK Youth Team at YMSA…

Report by Nicky Dance;
After supporting a great day out at the Gas Gas test day, trying the 2019 TXT125RACING, the youth JSTGasGas team all settled into what was going to be a tough but brilliant days trialing at the superb Burrycliff venue hosted by Barry and Sally Burton and support team.

Jack and Mitch both riding A class and Harry and Ash in B class.

The 10 section course was set to the usual high standard for the YMSA, with a great mix of classes being catered for, while being tough enough to bring on those wanting a challenge.

Today didn’t disappoint that challenge, a mixture of technical sections, rocks, high banks, and jumps all waiting to take points off the lads. Mitch fresh back from his Elite A class win, looked confident and focused around the course. Jack aged just 13 was equally matching this with great style, attacking the sections confidently, enjoying the severity laid out at Burycliff. Section 7 proved to be the greatest challenge for both boys, taking the most points. Mitch had the edge today, but Jack displayed credible skills at the tough but enjoyable event.
Mitch Brightmore P1. Jack Dance P2.

Ash and Harry equally found section 7 their challenge of the day, both boys were being tested around the course at different stages, both being able to showcase the skill and ability these young JSTGG team mates have. Harry and Ash both looked to be having an enjoyable day riding confidently. This was equally reflective in the close results with Ash Brightmore P1
Harry Turner P2,  just a 2 point separation.

JACK PRICE was also riding at YMSA in the Expert Class and had a comfortable win in the Expert adult class. (results below)

Great to see all the Youth Team supporting the GGUK Test Day on Saturday so thanks to Mitch, Ashton, Jack, Harry and Max


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