JSTGGUK Youth Trials Team riders JACK DANCE and BEN DIGNAN podium in Italy!

JSTGGUK Youth Team riders were at Round 1 of the 2019 European Trials Championship in Italy.

Superb P2 from JACK DANCE and P3 from BEN DIGNAN.

Also a fantastic P9 from young HARRY TURNER.

Well done from all at GGUK.Quote from Nicky Dance;
So very proud to let you know that Jack took 2nd place In the first European round held in Italy Pietramurata.
Jack was feeling nervous but confident he was ready for the event, knowing it was going to be a tough day he took the morning build up in his stride, relaxing and drinking plenty to keep hydrated in the warm sunshine.
The sections were indeed tough and testing, pushing the lads in this class every step of the way on the loose rocky cambers the venue was set on and renowned for.
Jack knew the other competitors would be keen to make an early advantage but for Jack, this was not the start he’d planned with sections 1,2 & 3 at the start all being tough, jack ended up with a broken chain link,  he had to run to the paddock for tools to repair the bike, making for an unsettling start.
Once fixed he took a bit to calm down but eventually he started to show his ability and skill we know him to have.
Lap 2 was much more confident and the positioning was changing constantly but Jack just needed to hold his nerve and he did just this making us all so very proud as he jumped out of the last section to applause.
He had done enough to hold position 2.
With a puzzled look, he was unaware how well he’d done. With a big hug and his fellow competitors congratulating him, Jack had the biggest smile I’d seen all day.
Absolutely brilliant !!!!
He said it felt great to get a podium position after such a worrying start.
Very proud family ❤

Quote from Ben;
A good way to start the European Championships with a Podium. My riding was on and off today and made some silly mistakes which cost me 2nd but I am looking forward to the next round. Thanks to Michel Brown SJ and all my sponsors.
Ben is continuing to train out in Italy with Michael Brown this week and moves on to Monza on Wednesday to get ready for his next European round on Saturday.

Also at the weekend was the Santigosa 3 Day Trial in Spain.
Team Brightmore made the trip and had success with P1 from the youngest brother Ashton Brichtmore in the Juvenile Class. Great smile mate!

Mitch Brightmore was P11 in the Junior Class.

JSTGGUK rider Dec Bullock was P12 in the Senior Class.

Full results here;


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