Katy’s Diary 2007 SSDT – The Countdown Continues to 2018

Name: Katy Sunter

Age: 22

Machine: JST Gas Gas UK 250cc

Sponsors: Yoomee Products, John Shirt at Gas Gas UK, Obelisk, Eric Lowther Minerals.

First Motorcycle: TY80, although it was about 20 years old!

First Trial: It was at Underbanks (famous Scott Trial sections) when I was 11. My Mum actually captured it on video and it’s hilarious!

Favourite Trial: I think it has to be the Scottish Six Days, or normal trials it would have to be either the Cleveland or Colonial Nationals. You can’t beat a good old traditional road trial in Yorkshire!



Well what a day, water, water and more water from every angle possible!!! I’m not a huge fan of getting up at the crack of dawn but now I’m quite glad of my early number after hearing horror stories of my brother John and Uncle Phil’s day riding at the back of the entry in really deep water! I started off the day ok with some steady rides, but deteriorated as the weather and the water got worse and deeper. I was hugely disappointed when I fived the waterfall section at Blackwater and also the last section at Coire Mhorair, however I don’t think any riders could even attempt it half an hour after we went through. Roll on tomorrow, my latest day so I get a lie in!


I thought I had a bit of a disaster today, I started of very badly having a 5 and a 3 at Laggan which should have been two cleans for me, so I was not in a good frame of mind after that! However the sun was shining most of the time so it made the moor crossings almost bearable and my riding started to get better, especially at Creag Lundie where I had a double clean on the infamous double sub, so after that I was back in the spirit! Anyway as it turns out, I am now leading the Ladies class by 2 marks from Iris Kramer; however it remains really close with only 4 marks separating us and Donna Fox! Better keep my feet up now!


I felt much more relaxed as I set off this morning and I was up for having a laugh today which seemed to pay off as I had some good rides. I didn’t do so good as Callart, with a very wobbly ride on the double sub but across the ferry to Meall Nam Each I was chuffed to get through some of those really tough sections for 3’s and I even did the top section at Meall Nam Each for a single dab! I definitely had a Kamikaze style ride up Camasnacroise, cleaning the bottom sub but getting completely knotted up in the top sub! The only down side to my day was a really disappointing ride a Rhuba Ruadh where I got off line and put a bad ending to the day, where I should have gone clean. At the end of the day I am still leading the ladies class, but only by 1 mark! It’s definitely getting tense now!


Today started of brilliantly when I dropped just 1 at Chairlift which I was well pleased with, even after the freezing 30 mile journey down the road! Then off over to Gorton, I was really surprised how much water was in that little stream so was pleased not to drown my bike. I think my ride of the day had to be cleaning the loose rolly double sub at Lochs Wood just before lunch; I just wound the throttle back and held on! After a fairly decent ride today I have extended my lead of the ladies class by nine from Foxy Lady who seems to have taken rather well to her first attempt at the Scottish rockery!


Again I started the day well but started to tire by the time I got up to Annat, but I still managed to save some strength to do the last section at Trotters Burn for a single dab and the first time I have actually got up it! Having just got the results it is now even closer for the ladies award with Iris Kramer having a very good day today and pulling back to just three marks behind me with Donna only a further 7 back! It really is going to be decided tomorrow and it’s my second earliest day so I will have to really keep my feet up this time!  


Phew, I’m glad that’s over! I have completely blown it today…..well not so much me but my early number. Being number 27 I had approximately 70 riders in front of me, however that seemed to make no difference to the sections, which were so slippery it, was a joke. By the time I got to Lower Mamore and School Falls they were still impossible to the average clubman rider and even the top lads of JST Gas Gas team were dropping marks left right and centre. It also didn’t help when my bike toppled of its stand earlier on at Pipeline and dropped of an 8 foot bank and twisted all the front end and handlebars! I just think that it was not meant to be, as my day went from bad to worse! Anyway, I battled on but lost huge amounts of energy whilst trying to push my bike through the icy streams for 3’s and simply did not have enough energy in reserve for the sections on Ben Nevis where I had loads of 5’s. At the end of the entry my main rival for the ladies award Iris Kramer was having a good day and had the benefit of grippier streams. Iris rode really well and came from 3 marks behind me to beat me by almost 30 on Saturday and also Donna rode better on the day and pipped me by a 5 marks. No other words can describe how gutted I am to loose out just because the streams were so slippery at the front and loosing my 5 day lead. Never mind, I will no doubt be back next year to have another go!

2007 SSDT Best Lady Rider: Iris Kramer (Scorpa-GER)

Words: Katy Sunter

Pictures: John Hulme and Snr




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