KIA to continue support

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Great news for all trials fans is that car giant KIA has confirmed it will again sponsor the 2016 Classic and Twinshock series.

After a successful introduction to the sport this year KIA this week confirmed the great news that will allow the series organisers to continue their cash prizes of £175 at all 8 rounds to three of the 20 official observers.

One of the organisers for the opening round, long time trials participant Martin Beech, recently bought a KIA from trials rider David Dench’s KIA main agency , Triangle of Chesterfield . ”Any connection such as that must help in retaining KIA,s valuable support,” agreed series coordinators Gerry Minshall, Alan Wright and Peter Salt . ”We do try and select the best land, clubs and dates, which isn’t always straightforwards, and will shortly begin planning the locations and dates for the 2016 KIA series.

Offers to run one of the 8 rounds to Gerry Minshall on 07889 495178.

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