Lampy goes 2 L n back

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The price of a pint  

(A lot of drips fill a bucket – or, if every biker gives the price of a pint .  .  . )

Next year I’m planning a ride to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I’ll be riding an old Royal Enfield that I’ve built. I’m getting the ferry to Santander, riding some trails in the Picos before crossing northern Spain, over the Pyrenees and up through France. The idea is to travel using un-surfaced roads  possible, or the smallest road where not. It’s called ‘Lampy goes to L and back’.

Sammy Miller, the Lampkin brothers and Jeff Smith have all signed T shirts to be raffled for funds (along with other prizes). Details will be on website, but tickets will be available at various events including the pre-65 Scottish.

The ‘L’ bit is the concept of passing through places with names beginning with L – such as Lourdes, Limoges, Le Man & Le Harve. I’m allowing 3 weeks for the trip and plan to arrive in Spain on the 24th 2016 .

For details of the raffle & how to donate see

Please help!

Thank you, Graham Lampkin

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