Majesty Re-Location

The Majesty man Steve Martin is relocating his business of the Majesty Yamaha products and service he supplies in 2019. To facilitate this move the business will be put on hold from Friday 11th January for so that the move can be uninterrupted and more efficient. The website will be closed during this period but from the 1st March 2019 he will be back online and providing the full Majesty Yamaha service. Please note that due to the move they will be not at the Telford Classic show 2019.

John Hulme Classic Trial Magazine: “Steve has done a very good job with the Majesty Yamaha service and no doubt once the move has been made he will be back to full speed. He’s not going to be off-line for long giving you time to get your parts lists together for your Majesty and Yamaha projects. Keep your eyes on the website to place them orders once he has successfully relocated”.

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