Manufacturers award for Gas Gas at SSDT 2017

Gas Gasis celebrating yet another victory as best manufacturer at the Scottish Six Days of Trial (SSDT) after an exceptional event full of both collective and individual successes. Jack Price and Michael Brown won second and third places on the podium. Tom Mintaand Jack Peace won as best newcomers and Jordi Pascueta s best foreign entry. Sandra Gómez, second in the women’s class rounds of the 2017 event.

Jack Price y Michael Brownclimb up on to the second and third steps of the podium. A magnificent result, together with Sam Haslam’seighth place, awards the victory to the JST Gas Gas A Teamfor the third year running. The rider from Scarborough – World Champion in Trial2 in 2016- and the rider from Huddersfield received theJimmy Hutchins Memorial TrophyandHenderson Trophyfor the best second and third positions throughout the SSDT 2017.

Gas Gas has five of its riders in the top ten classification,among them the young riderTom Minta, who with an outstanding fifth place in the general won the double prizes of the Ian Pollock Memorial Trophy,for the best newcomer, and also as the winner in the under 200 cc category on his Gas Gas TXT 125 Racing.

JordiPascuetplayed an impeccable role. The veteran Gas Gas rider combines his teaching work at his off-road school –part of the Gas Gas School of Champions-together with his participation in events like the SSDT. This time he finished off the 2017 event with a highly commendable sixth place and took the Jimmy Beck Challenge Trophy back with him to the Seu de Urgell. This trophy is for the best foreign rider in the Scottish Six Days of Trial.

Dan Thorpe, thirteenth, and young Jack Peace, classified seventeenth, were lined up together as the second Gas Gas team in the SSDT. The World Champion of Trial125, this time riding a Gas Gas TXT 250 Racing, was awarded the Ben Nevis Challenge Trophyas the second best newcomer. Meanwhile, John Shirt, top man in the JST Gas Gas UK team, added another ride in the event to which he has always been one of tits most enthusiastic ambassadors, finishing with a twenty-eighth position.

Finally, Sandra Gómez, once again seduced by the mysticism of an event in which she had already participated in 2016, repeated her experience by finishing in 85th place and getting on to the second step of the podium in the women’s category.

Gas Gas would like to use this occasion to thank the faith and loyalty of all the riders who have participated with a Gas Gas TXTin this unforgettable edition of the Scottish Six Days of Trial.


Jack Price: Jimmy Hutchins Memorial Trophy for the competitor making the second best performance throughout the trial

Michael Brown: Henderson Trophy for the competitor making the third best performance throughout the trial

Tom Minta: Ian Pollock Memorial Trophy for the best performance by a competitor who has never previously ridden the SSDT

Jack Peace: Ben Nevis Challenge Trophy for the second best performance by a competitor who has never previously ridden the SSDT

Jordi Pascuet: Jimmy Beck Challenge Trophy for the best performance by a competitor who is not a British subject and who is not resident in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands


Tom Minta: Class Award for the best performance on a machine up to 200cc


Gas Gas A: Orkney Islands Medal for the best performance by a team of three factory competitors on the same make of machine



1. Dougie Lampkin                         1

2. Jack Price (Gas Gas)              9

3. Michael Brown (Gas Gas)      15

5. Tom Minta (Gas Gas)              19

6. JordiPascuet (Gas Gas)         20

8. Sam Haslam (Gas Gas)           23

13. Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas)          40

17. Jack Peace (Gas Gas)           49

28. John Shirt (Gas Gas)            76

85. Sandra Gómez (Gas Gas)     220

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