Marc Colomer and Gas Gas make history in the first TrialE Cup 

The Gas Gas rider is victorious in the first event of the World Championships for electric motorbikes held in Lourdes, France. The new Gas Gas TXTe is the star of a successful debut in the very first event of the TrialE Cup. Its name has been written down in the history books as the first ever winner of the brand new electric category of the World Championship and shows itself as being extremely competitive after bettering the results of the Trial125 bikes in the World Championship.

Fourteen years after his last event in the trial World Championship, Marc Colomer has put his helmet back on to compete in the first event of the TrialE Cup, a competition held in Lourdes (France) where the four times world champion and the new Gas Gas TXTe have written their names in gold in the first ever electric category in the Trial World Championship.

“We are very satisfied with the result, but especially with how the bike has behaved, and with the interest and acceptance shown by all the world of trial. Our Gas Gas is now a step ahead of the rest of its rivals in this category. We wanted to demonstrate that our TXTe is competitive and I believe that we have achieved this with our victory, because we were superior to even the 125’s with petrol engines. This is a highly significant fact that opens a very promising future ahead of us. Electric trial bikes are now a reality”,emphasised the Gas Gas rider after climbing onto the highest step of the podium in the first event for electric bikes at the very highest level of trial competition.

“When I started I focussed on the competition. I don’t normally get nervous beforehand. In fact when I am in the thick of it and I think things aren’t working out too well, as in the first part of this race, this is when the rider inside me comes to the fore. This can’t be avoided. This has motivated to give the very best of me and win. When I out the helmet on I became the rider I always had been, perhaps in a different category with a different bike, but with the very same ambition as always”, this was how the rider from Santa Pau, at the age of 42, describes his sensations after his return to competition, this time in the TrialE category.

“Our aim here reached further then just the result, we wanted to gather information and this competition has been a fantastic test bed for us”, added Colomer, now the Sporting Manager with Gas Gas and the person in charge of the trial competition team. The rider from Girona, for one weekend, has once again put his gloves and helmet on to make a first time ride with the new electric TXTe EGD from the factory in Salt, a project he has personally been leading from the front during the last months. 

“On Saturday I made a mistake in the classificatory round which meant we had to start first, which didn’t go against us too much, because we hardly had any references about our rivals. For this reason we concentrated in making our own race. In the first round the ground was damp raising the technical level of the zones that benefitted us so we could make a difference. Later it dried off and we completed an even better second circuit”, summarises Colomer, who handed in his final card with only 19 points. This score would have meant a victory for the rider from Girona and the Gas Gas TXTe EGD in the Trial125 of the World Championship. This is a clear demonstration of the potential of electric trial bikes in this speciality.

TrialE – Lourdes (Francia), results:

1. Marc Colomer (Gas Gas), 19 points

2. César Panicot, 67 points

3. Bastien Hieyte, 70 points


Olot (Girona), 17th August 1974


  • Winner of the first TrialE Cup Edition (2017) 
  • World Indoor Champion (1994, 1995 and1996)
  • World Outdoor Champion (1996)
  • World Outdoor Championship second positions (1993, 1995, 1997 and 1998, with a total of 18 victories and 87 podiums)
  • Spanish Outdoor Champion (1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000)
  • Spanish Indoor Champion (2001)Winner of the Trial des Nations (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2001)
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