Master of the mines, Rd 2

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Moto Trial NI has run the 2nd round of it’s popular Master of the Mines series on Sunday the 24th of July at Whitespots Trial Park, Newtownards.

The youth C got to ride the adult course which was a big success and allows these young riders to progress.

The trial consisted of 4 laps of 8 sections set out by trial coordinator John White with the help of club members covering all adult and youth grades.

As ever in trying to keep things fresh the club tried out two new ideas at this event.

Firstly there was a new venture where the local Bangor Sea Cadets troop came along and performed the role of observer at the sections, the idea of this was to solve the age old problem of getting enough observers to run the event.

The second idea was an idea of Johns to offer a 50/50 route in between the three main adult grades.  Basically this meant that riders in the lower grades could opt to go “50/50” and try some of the higher grades sections thereby giving them a taste of the higher grade without getting disheartened if they couldn’t do the full higher grade.

So at 11am the first of the 60 odd riders set off onto the course in drizzling rain to test themselves against the hazards marked out by John!

In the Clubman grade there was a tight battle all day involving a few riders including Aaron Moore, Neal Perry, Robbie Jennings and cousins Stephen and Terry McKee.  Stephen was debuting the new TRS brand in its first event on Irish soil having only taken delivery of the bike during the week.  Stephen is the NI agent for these bikes and I have to say they look a very well built, capable machine.

At the halfway stage of 2 laps Neal just about held the lead on 1 mark lost with Stephen and Aaron both snapping at his heals on 2 marks lost.  The battle raged on over the next 2 laps and all 3 riders had to hold their nerve right to the final section.  Indeed all 3 riders posted faultless last cards meaning that Neal was the winner on 1 mark lost and Stephen and Aaron tied for second.  Next home was Robbie Jennings and Terry McKee again tied on the same score of 6, however on the tie break Robbie had the edge over Terry with 1 more “clean” recorded.

In the Clubman twinshock grade James Chambers ran out the winner.

Onto the Sportsman grade which also had the first of the 50/50 routes.  On the 50/50 route it was a tense affair fought out between Alan Watson, Brian Waring and Allistair Galloway.  At the halfway stage Allistair just held the lead on 1 mark lost with Alan close on 2 and Brian on 3.

Into the final 2 laps and Allistair let the lead slip to allow Alan and Brian to take the top 2 spots, Alan 1st on 4 marks lost, Brian on 6 and Allistair next on 8 marks lost.

In the normal route there was one clear winner right from the first lap. Scott Blackwood, riding a Fantic twinshock elected to be scored in the main group and he was a clear leader on every lap and took the win on 6 marks lost! Next home was Keith Lennox on 17 and Ian Boyd on 26.  A great result for Scott riding a 20 odd year old bike against guys on modern machines.

Mark McNeill took the win in the twinshock grade with a score that would have placed him 4th in the main group!

In the Novice grade Michel Lynn, Russell McKeag and Courtney Stanex fought tooth and nail for the top spot.  This was Courtneys first rial and she was feeling a bit of the butterflies at the start as we had to coax her to ride the event as she felt that she was not ready, but that all left her as she got started and she rode amazingly all day.  Michel took the win on 7 marks lost, with Russell chasing him all the way to finish 1 mark further back on 8 and Courtney took 3rd on 22 marks lost.

The youth grades were contested over the adult course for the top 3 grades and youth D&E had their own shorter course.

In Youth A Jay Pyper and Jordan Nixon battled away all day with each taking 2 laps each, but Jay ran out winner on 12 marks lost with Jordan 2 further back on 14 marks lost.

In the Youth B grade young Harry Smith and Ross Allen decided to tackle the main adult class on their little Oset electric bikes, pitching themselves in against the adults!  Harry has been competing in the UK recently and moving into the harder course will be of benefit to him this year.
After the first card Ross just edged Harry to hold the lead, 11 marks lost to 13.  By the time the second cards scores were tallied up Harry had taken the win 37 marks lost to 48 for Ross. In fact a very poor last lap of 19 cost Ross the win, but both their scores were very respectable when compared to the adult scores.”

In Youth C it was a battle between Matthew Lockhead and Dylan Smyth for the win and newcomer Aimee Smith, Pixe Smyth and Kyle Nixon fought it out for the 3rd palce. Matthew and Dylan could not be separated all day with by finishing on 9 marks lost, however on “most cleans” Dylan edged it with 1 more than Matthew.  Aimee took 3rd on 15 marks lost which really is amazing given that this was her first competitive start, well done Aimee!

Youth D was won by Jack Annette, who used the clubs Oset for the day, this was his first trial so well done Jack. Hard lines father Keith as we can foresee another machine coming into the Annette stable.

Youth E saw 2 riders battle it out on their Oset electric bikes with Sophie McMullan just edging the win from Josh Shivers by the odd point or 2.

The team are delighted that these new ideas have worked so well and would like to thank all the cadets and officers of Bangor Sea Cadets for joining in our venture and forging new links that we all hope will continue improving our sport

The next trial is provisionally set for the 21st August and this will be updated on the club website and facebook pages nearer the time.




  1. Neal Perry 1


  1. Stephen McKee 2


  1. Aaron Moore 2



  1. Alan Watson 4


  1. Brian Waring 6


  1. Allistair Galloway 8



  1. Scott Blackwood 6


  1. Keith Lennox 17


  1. Ian Boyd 33



  1. Mchael Lynn 7


  1. Russell McKeag 8


  1. Courtney Stanex 22



  1. Jay Pyper 12


  1. Jordan Nixon 14


1. Harry Smith 37
2. Ross Allen 48



  1. Dylan Smyth 9


  1. Matthew Lockhead 9


  1. Aimee Smith 15



  1. Jack Annette



  1. Sophie McMullan


  1. Josh Shivers


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