MRS Sherco team rider, Dan Peace, stopped the domination of Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) at round six with his first win of the 2019 ACU British Trials Championship. Backing up his elder brother Dan, Jack Peace claimed second position on the podium on a very proud day for the boys in blue as they pushed Price down to third.

Despite the threat of rain, the sun shone through on round six of this year’s championship held at the new Lake District venue, Poole Farm, Troutbeck. High in the hills this super new venue had a variety of testing terrain with grassy banks, rocky outcrops and demanding rivers ridden over three laps of 12 hazards.

The opening hazards in the fast-flowing river tested the rider’s abilities straight away. In section three, the only clean ride on the opening lap came from championship leader Jack Price.

Toby Martyn was in trouble, as he took two consecutive five-mark penalties on sections four and five. At the close of the lap, the top three were all separated by a single mark headed by Jack Peace with Dan in second and Price in third.

The second lap scores came down as the riders got the measure of the hazards and Dan Peace made his push for the victory, as both he and Martyn parted with eight marks each, putting Dan in first place.

The final lap was closely contested with Dan only parting with five marks and a single stop on the very difficult twelfth hazard securing him the victory. Price matched the five-mark total, but his chance for victory had gone in the high-scoring second lap.

Dan Peace: “I am delighted with this win, my first in the 2019 ACU British Trials Championship for MRS Sherco. I have ridden in quite a degree of pain today as I dislocated my shoulder last week in France at the FIM World Championship and so the victory is more rewarding than ever. The conditions were ideal for trials riding with a wide mixture of terrain and once again the Michelin X-Light trials tyres have proved vital to this success showing how they can adapt to the changing conditions. To have my younger brother Jack also on the podium made the win even more special for myself and the MRS Sherco team”

The championship will continue next week with round seven in Yorkshire.

Round Six: The Lakeland Trial – 1: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 23; 2: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 27; 3: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 28; 4: Toby Martyn (Beta) 33; 5: Iwan Roberts (TRS UK) 37; 6: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 48; 7: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 59; 8: Hugo Jervis (TRS UK) 89.

Trial GB Championship Positions – After Round 6 of 9

1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 110; 2: Toby Martyn (Beta) 94; 3: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 91; 4: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 80; 5: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 58; 6: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 56; 7: Iwan Roberts (TRRS UK) 48; 8: Hugo Jervis (TRRS UK) 43; 8: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 37; 10: James Dabill (Beta) 20.




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