James Dabill - Vertigo
James Dabill – Vertigo

It was a Michelin takeover at the Scott Time and Observation Trial over the weekend as James Dabill took the top step with his third victory at the event. In a show of domination, Dabill was joined on the podium by Michael Brown and Guy Kendrew in second and third places – all three top riders chose to compete on Michelin X-Light tyres.

History was also made when Ladies World Trials champion, Emma Bristow (also on X-Light tyres) came home in 25th position to take a coveted ‘Scott Silver Spoon’. This is a feat that no female rider has ever recorded in over 100 years of this iconic motorcycling event.

Emma Bristow - Sherco
Emma Bristow – Sherco

To further endorse the choice of tyres over 70% of the entry of 200 riders chose Michelin for the action, a testament to the quality of Michelin tyres in the sport of trials.

Organised by the Richmond Motor Club, the Scott Trial is unique in the fact that time and observation are calculated together to find the overall winner. The action took place on the North Yorkshire moors high above Richmond, with 200 riders entered to start. The weather cooperated and riders were met with largely overcast conditions, which proved ideal to tackle the single lap course covering 70 hazards over 80 miles.

Michael Brown - GasGas
Michael Brown – GasGas

James Dabill commented “My third victory in this time and observation trial highlighted my speed and skill under extreme pressure across some of the most enduring and demanding terrain in the world of trials. With the confidence my Michelin X-Light tyres gave me I was able to push to the limits of my riding knowing I would not have to deal with any punctures.”

Guy Kendrew - Beta
Guy Kendrew – Beta

Gold Spoons
1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 43; 2: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 53; 3: Guy Kendrew (Beta-UK) 66; 4: Ian Austermuhle (Beta-UK) 70; 5: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas) 70; 6: Jonathan Richardson (MRS Sherco) 78; 7: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 84.

Silver Spoons
8: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 90; 9: James Stones (MRS Sherco) 99; 10: James Fry (MRS Sherco) 100; 11: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 102; 12: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 103; 13: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 107; 14: Ben Hemingway (Beta-UK) 126; 15: Luke Walker (MRS Sherco) 127; 16: Jack Stones (Acklams Beta) 127; 17: Jack Spencer (Beta-UK) 134; 18: Thomas Hick (Acklams Beta) 138; 19: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas) 144; 20: Tom Affleck (Cloburn Sherco) 147; 21: Thomas Minta (JST Gas Gas) 148; 22: Dec Bullock (Beta-UK) 149; 23: Liam Walker (Gas Gas) 152; 24: John Sunter (Appleyard’s Montesa) 152; 25: Emma Bristow (MRS Sherco) 156; 26: Matthew Maynard (Sherco) 158.

Standard Time: Jonathan Richardson (MRS Sherco) 5.00.29 
Last Official Finisher:
 David Carter (Montesa) 7.30.28
Best on Observation:
 James Dabill (Vertigo) 32 
Best Under 21 Rider:
 Jack Price (JST Gas Gas) 70 
Best Lady Rider:
 Emma Bristow (MRS Sherco) 156 
Best First Time Rider:
 Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas) 144 
Best Over 40 Rider:
 Stanley Callaghan (Beta) 453

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