Trials legend, Dougie Lampkin, gave Michelin tyres yet another proud moment when he took win number five at the Scott Time and Observation Trial over the weekend.

The day’s action took place on the North Yorkshire moors high above the market town of Richmond. The event was challenging with heavy rain and high winds, along with swollen river crossings and difficult moors to navigate. Riders attempted to compete the single lap course covering 76 hazards over 80 miles.

Once again organised by the Richmond Motor Club, the Scott Trial has a strong sporting heritage covering over 100 years and is unique in the fact that time and observation are calculated together to find the overall winner.

Jack Price, in second position, set the fastest time, and James Dabill took third place. The top three riders all chose to compete on Michelin X-Light tyres to secure their spot on the podium.

To further endorse the choice of tyres over 80% of the entry of 200 riders chose Michelin for the action, a testament to the quality of Michelin tyres in the sport of trials.

Gold Spoons
1: Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 56; 2: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 66; 3: James Dabill (Beta) 80; 4: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 85; 5: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK) 87; 6: Guy Kendrew (Beta-UK) 92; 7: Ben Hemingway (Beta-UK) 100.

Silver Spoons

8: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas UK) 106; 9: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 113; 10: Sam Connor (Beta-UK) 113; 11: Andy Chilton (BMS/Andy Metcalfe Scorpa) 113; 12: Richard Sadler (Acklam’s Beta) 116; 13: Billy Bolt (Acklam’s Beta) 116; 14: Jonathan Richardson (Beta) 119; 15: Ian Austermuhle (Beta-UK) 126; 16: John Sunter (Inch Perfect Montesa) 126; 17: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas UK) 128; 18: Thomas Minta (BMS Scorpa) 138; 19: Iwan Roberts (TRS-UK) 140; 20: Rob Waite (Beta) 142; 21: Tom Affleck (180 Offroad/Cloburn Vertigo) 149; 22: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 150; 23: Luke Walker (MRS Sherco) 150; 24: James Fry (MRS Sherco) 154; 25: Chris Pearson (SplatShop MRS Sherco) 159; 26: Jack Stones (Acklam’s Beta) 159.

Standard Time: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 5.07.17
Best Manufacturers Team: Gas Gas A

Last Official Finisher: James Johnson (Beta) 7.33.03
Best on Observation:
Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 51
Best Under 21 Rider: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK)
Best Lady Rider: Emma Bristow (MRS Sherco)
Best First Time Rider: Gwynedd Jones (Beta)
Best Over 40 Rider: Graham Tales (Montesa)

Best 125cc Rider: No Finishers

The Endeavour Trophy: Daniel Johnson (Gas Gas)


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