Michelin domination at British Trials Championship 2016 

michelin Michelin dominated top spots in all three classes at the final rounds of 2016 ACU British trials championship over the weekend. With a good variety of terrain including mud and rocks to test the riders, Michelin took podiums in Championship, Expert and Youth A classes and also in the final championship standings. Held over two days at the Bob Macgregor Trials Academy in Scotland, the entry competed over twelve hazards three times on both days in cool, dry weather. 

Once again it was James Dabill that demonstrated the best riding form, taking clear wins on both days, despite the pressure from younger riders. Jack Price tried all he could to try to take a victory before the series was over, but ultimately had no answer to Dabills consistency in his riding. Price secured second position on both days and second in the overall championship in front of the only rider to take a victory from Dabill during 2016, Jack Sheppard, who failed at the final hurdle to overtake Price in the championship and came home third. 

James Dabill - Vertigo
James Dabill – Vertigo

James Dabill: “This is just the way I wanted to conclude another successful season of British championship rounds with two wins in Scotland on my Vertigo. On my way to my seventh title with Michelin, the X-Light tyres have given me the confidence to perform at my very best, having taken ten wins from the eleven in the series. My tyres have performed consistently throughout year on the various types of hazards found in a championship, which has travelled the full length of the country from the rocks in the north to the mud in the south”. 

Jack Price - Gas Gas
Jack Price – Gas Gas

Round 10 Ayrshire Scotland: Championship Class 
1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 30; 2: Jack Price (Jitsie Road & Trials Gas Gas) 37; 3: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 47; 4: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 53; 5: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 60; 6: Toby Martyn (Beta-UK) 60; 7: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas) 71; 8: Ross Danby (TRS) 74; 9: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 81; 10: Andy Chilton (Andy Metcalfe Mcs BMS Scorpa) 90.

Round 11 Ayrshire Scotland: Championship Class
1: Dabill 14; 2: Price 33; 3: Sheppard 43; 4: Martyn 46; 5: Dan Peace 49; 6: Roberts 52; 7: Brown 57; 8: Jack Peace 60; 9: Haslam 74; 10: Danby 75. 

Jack Sheppard - Beta
Jack Sheppard – Beta

2016 Championship Final Positions
Championship Class –
 1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 217; 2: Jack Price (Jitsie Road & Trials Gas Gas) 163; 3: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 161; 4: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 121; 5: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 115; 6: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas) 105; 7: Ross Danby (TRS) 93; 8: Toby Martyn (Beta-UK) 106; 9: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 80; 10: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas) 58. 

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