Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK)

A delighted Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) took a very popular win at round seven of the 2019 ACU British Trials Championship after tasting defeat last week in the Lake District.

Jack Peace (MRS Sherco)

In second place, and maturing his riding at every round, the younger of the two Peace brothers Jack, took the MRS Sherco into second position in front of James Dabill (Beta).

Dry weather greeted the riders to round seven of this year’s championship held at the Brimham Rocks venue. With a clue as to the nature of this terrain, Birmingham Rocks features large rocks covered over in a predominately wooded area. Three laps of 12 hazards provided the riders with challenging hazards.

The demanding run of three hazards from five to eight caused nerves to creep in for both Jack Peace and James Dabill, as they arrived on one mark lost each, whilst Price was still ‘feet up’.

However, it was Dan Peace that was the biggest casualty as in section four he stopped. After much examination of sections five to eight all the leading riders stopped in every one, such was the severity.


James Dabill (Beta)

With the marks very close after the opening lap, Price and Dabill tied on sixteen each, with the Peace brothers Jack on seventeen and Dan on nineteen.

It was the second lap where Price made his push for victory with just three marks on his score card from the near impossible run of three hazards, five to eight.

On the final lap, and with it still all to play for, Price used his experience to remain calm as the three hazards once again defeated him with just a single mark in section eleven to add. Price took the victory from Jack Peace who had managed to pass through section eight on all three attempts using his strong legs to his advantage.

Jack Peace – Jack Price – James Dabill

Jack Price: “After last week’s disappointing third position I’ve come back fighting to take one of my best victories to date. Matching James Dabill’s score of sixteen marks lost on the first lap gave me the confidence to push for the victory. On the second lap both the machine and the feedback from the Michelin X-Lite tyres were working as one allowing me to take the best lap score of the event on fifteen marks lost. Another consistent score of sixteen gave me the winning advantage as I push towards my second ACU British Trials Championship”

 The nine round championship will now take a summer break from the series concluding with the final two rounds in Scotland in September.

Round Seven: The Mackenzie Trial – 1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 47; 2: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 53; 3: James Dabill (Beta) 64; 4: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 65; 5: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 66; 6: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 72; 7: Iwan Roberts (TRS UK) 72; 8: Toby Martyn (Beta) 73; 9: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 80; 10: Hugo Jervis (TRS UK) 112.

Trial GB Championship Positions – After Round 7 of 9

1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 130; 2: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 104; 3: Toby Martyn (Beta) 102; 4: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 97; 5: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 68; 6: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 67; 7: Iwan Roberts (TRS UK) 57; 8: Hugo Jervis (TRS UK) 49; 8: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 44; 10: James Dabill (Beta) 35.





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