Round Two – The Lakeland Trial – Cumbria

Round two of the 2017 ACU British Trials Championship took place over Easter weekend in the Lake District. Three laps of 12 hazards were ridden in testing conditions, with strong winds and persistent rain punishing the 58 riders entered across the Championship, Expert and Youth A classes. The famous Cumbrian slate outcrops were evident in the hazards along with steep banks and wooded climbs. The exposed nature of the location also meant that difficulty increased on each lap.

Displaying confidence from the start, Michael Brown kept his feet firmly on the footrests until the fifth hazard where along with the rest of the entry he recorded a five-mark penalty. This did not deter Brown and he continued with excellent form, opening up a seven-mark advantage on his first lap. As Brown further extended his advantage over the next two laps the battle for the second step on the podium was played out between Jack Sheppard and Dan Peace, with Peace eventually edged out on the tie-break decider.

Meanwhile round one winner, Jack Price, got off to a difficult start, crashing on the fourth hazard, but went on to show his strength of character to come home fourth overall.

Michael Brown: “This is just the result I was looking for after I just missed out on the win at the opening round by a single mark. I knew the hazards would be slippery all day due to the nature of the terrain and the inclement weather. When the conditions are at their worst you need the very best equipment and the confident feel from the Michelin X-Light tyres gave me the edge on the opening lap. Over the next two laps the conditions became even worse with wheel grip at a minimum, but with some very delicate throttle control I could find the grip limits of the X-Light tyres and on my final lap I only parted with seventeen marks which was the best of the trial. Having now opened up a small advantage in the championship, my Michelin tyres have once again proved vital in the ride to victory”

The championship moves to Wales for round three, the St David’s Trial, on the 23rd May.

2017 ACU British Trials Championship – Round 2 The Lakeland Trial Cumbria

Championship Class

1: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK) 53; 2: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 70; 3: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 70; 4: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 74; 5: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 75; 6: Andy Chilton (Andy Metcalfe BMS Scorpa) 80; 7: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 81; 8: Toby Martyn (Vertigo) 86; 9: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas UK) 87; 10: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 94.

Championship positions after two rounds.

1: Brown 37; 2: Price 33; 3: Sheppard 32; 4: Peace 26; 5: Jack Peace 19; 6: Roberts 17; 7: Connor 16; 8: Haslam 16; 9: Martyn 16; 10: Chilton 15; 11: Bullock 11; 12: Richardson 8; 13: Danby 6; 14: Spencer 5; 15: Morton 3.

Expert Class

1: James Fry (Sherco) 44; 2: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 48; 3: Harold McQuaid (Gas Gas) 56.

 Youth A Class

1: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 95; 2: David MacColl (Beta) 110; 3: Oliver Smith (Oset) 117.


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