Michelin Mid Antrim Club Trials Series 2016 

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The Off Road section of the Mid Antrim Motor Club are delighted to announce that Michelin Tyre PLC have renewed their sponsorship with the club by agreeing to back the Michelin Mid Antrim Trials Series again this year. The series, which is now into its 8th year and has been a fantastic success, will be run over the four Mid Antrim events this year. 

This unique series is open to all Mid Antrim Club members but they must be members BEFOREthe events take place, so I would appeal to all competitors to get joined up prior to the first event so as they can ensure that all the rounds count in their final score.

Remember you can now join the club on line at  WWW.mamc-bikes.co.uk pay by PayPal and its done. Your championship points are now secure. 

The unique scoring system for the series means that competitors from every grade have a chance of success in the series has can be seen from the results from the previous years. The scoring chart and all the series details can be found on our website WWW.mamc-bikes.co.uk together with all the event dates and venues.

The series results will be published on the club website WWW.mamc-bikes.co.uk after each event.

The club are deeply indebted to Michelin Tyre PLC for their continuing support. This vote of confidence in the activities of our club by a multi national company is a great incentive to the club.

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