James Dabill (Vertigo)

It was a case of Michelin domination at rounds seven and eight of this year’s British Trials Championship. Riders using Michelin’s renowned X-Light tyres filled the top two positions on day one and then the top five positions on day two of the action.   This year the two-day competition organised by the Edinburgh & District MCC was held at the challenging Totherick Quarry in Scotland. The course featured twelve demanding hazards that had to be ridden three times on each day.

Early on in the action, Vertigo rider, James Dabill was crowned overall 2015 British Trials Champion after taking second place. Even with two rounds remaining, Dabill secured his title and can look forward to some enjoyable and stress-free riding ahead.   On day one it was Spanish rider, Jorge Casales, that took the win from Dabill. However, because the Beta-mounted rider had missed some of the earlier rounds, due to injury, he was unable to challenge for the 2015 crown.   On the second day, Dabill celebrated his 2015 championship victory and rode like a true champion to claim the day’s best score in front of Casales. In fact on day two of the competition Michelin tyres were used by all of the top five riders – an accolade that the Michelin team is immensely proud of.

Jorge Casales (Beta-ESP)

Day One – Jorge Casales: “The conditions were very difficult due to the nature of the terrain, which included large rocks and slippery hillsides. The ever changing weather conditions included both heavy rain and sunshine, this inevitably pushed the Michelin X-Light tyres to the limit of their performance, but they gave me the confidence in my riding to take me to another victory.”  

Sam Haslam (Gas Gas)

Day Two – Sam Haslam: “This quarry venue is always a tough event and I knew a good result was important if I am going to push my chances of a top three finish in the championship. I was disappointed with my performance on day one, but the feedback from the Michelin X-Light tyres gave me that extra grip day two to move me into third on the day and overall in the championship.”  

Round 7 Totherick Quarry: Championship Class – 1: Jorge Casales (Beta-ESP) 36; 2: James Dabill (Vertigo) 52; 3: Billy Bolt (Scorpa) 54; 4: Ross Danby (SXS) 68; 5: Jack Price (Gas Gas) 68; 6: Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) 73; 7: Sam Connor (Beta) 78; 8: Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 83; 9: James Fry (Sherco) 85; 10: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 86.

Round 8 Totherick Quarry: Championship Class –  1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 54; 2: Jorge Casales (Beta-ESP) 58; 3: Ross Danby (SXS) 70; 4: Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) 77; 5: Jack Price (Gas Gas) 78; 6: Dec Bullock (Beta) 81; 7: Jack Spencer (Beta) 81; 8: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 86; 9: Billy Bolt (Scorpa) 92; 10: Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 102.

2015 Championship Positions 1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 151 – 2015 British Champion; 2: Jorge Casales (Beta-ESP) 88; 3: Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) 87; 4: Ross Danby (SXS) 83; 5: Billy Bolt (Scorpa) 92; 6: Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 74; 7: Jack Price (Gas Gas) 70; 8: Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 69; 9: Sam Connor (Beta) 64; 10: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 54.

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