1 (Medium)Round 5 of this year’s British Trials Championship proved a huge success for Michelin as they took the top spot on the podium in all 3 classes; Youth – Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas), Expert – Joe Baker (MRS Sherco) and Championship – James Dabill (Vertigo). This heavily wooded venue with its huge mass of exposed rocks under the shade of the trees challenged the entry over 3 laps of 12 hazards with changing conditions making it difficult for the riders to understand the conditions, which remained very slippery all day.

Jack Sheppard – James Dabill – Jack Price

Eventual winner James Dabill on the Vertigo did not have it all his own way as he was pushed into second position on the opening lap which was headed by local rider Tom Hooper (MRS Sherco) who used his local knowledge and the full potential of the Michelin X-Light tyres to steal his moment of glory.

2 (Medium)On the second lap Jack Sheppard posted the best lap score of 5 marks, followed by Dabill on 6 – making it very close for the win.

Jack Price (Gas Gas)

On the final lap Dabill showed why he is on course for a seventh British title by posting the best lap of the trial, parting with just a solitary mark to give him a full house of wins and a clear victory, thus increasing his championship lead even further.

Jack Sheppard: “This is my first full year in the British Championship for a few years as I have turned my commitment to the domestic championship as I take a break from the World Series. With the many types of varying terrain found around the UK the Michelin X-Light was my obvious choice of tyre and fitted to the Beta they have given me the confidence and feedback to challenge for the wins in this very competitive championship.”

Round 5 Devon: Championship Class 1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 18; 2: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 29; 3: Jack Price (Jitsie Road & Trials Gas Gas) 30; 4: Toby Martyn (DBR Beta-UK) 31; 5: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 34; 6: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 42; 7: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas) 46; 8: Tom Hooper (MRS Sherco) 46; 9: Ross Danby (TRS) 47; 10: Andy Chilton (AM/BMS Scorpa) 53.

2016 Championship Positions Championship Class – 1: James Dabill (Vertigo) 100; 2: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 71; 3: Jack Price (Jitsie Road & Trials Gas Gas) 69; 4: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas) 58; 5: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas) 48; 6: Ross Danby (TRS) 45; 7: Iwan Roberts (Beta) 45; 8: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas) 44; 9: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas) 44; 10: James Fry (MRS Sherco) 27.

Youth Class Podium – Keiran Child – Jack peace – Josh Hanlon
Expert Podium Tom Minta – Joe Baker – Dan Thorpe

There is a small break in the championship before it moves to the south of the country once again on the 30th and 31st July for round 6 and a two day event.

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