Round 3, St David’s Trial – Neath, South Wales

Michelin dominated the podium at the third round of the British Trials Championship this weekend, with the top 3 all choosing Michelin X-Light tyres to compete on. A closely fought battle between winner, Jack Price, and rival, Iwan Roberts, came down to the last lap, when with just a single mark between them, Price took the win to land him at the top of the championship table.

With perfect weather conditions on the day, the hillside venue high above Neath in South Wales provided a wide variety of terrain from exposed rocky outcrops to steep banks, streams and wet wooded areas.

The entry of 51 riders, spread across three classes – Championship, Expert and Youth A – were to tackle the twelve hazards over three laps, with the difficulty increasing as the lap progressed.

On the first lap, it was the last two hazards which took the most marks from the top three, with Jack Price holding a slender single mark advantage over Iwan Roberts and Michael Brown. Price made his move for victory on his second lap with just 10 marks lost, while Roberts parted with 15 and Brown a disastrous 23, taking him out of contention for the victory.

For the final tour of the hazards Brown knew he needed a miracle to challenge for the top three, which unfortunately never came. The fight continued to play out between Price and Roberts, despite the latter posting the best lap score of seven marks lost, he still missed the victory by a single mark from a jubilant Price who now leads the championship standings.

Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK): “This year’s British Trials Championship continues to be very close, as proven with my second victory this year. I expected the hazards to dry out offering more grip as the day went on, but this was not the way it went, as so many of them were in the shade they actually proved harder as the event progressed. In these conditions body positioning and throttle control are key, and my X-Light tyres give me the extra grip I needed in such a close fought round. I know I still have work ahead of me in this series with just a single mark advantage over Michael Brown, but I’m already looking forward to the next battle.”

The 2017 ACU British Trials Championship moves to Scarborough on the 6th June for Round 4.

2017 ACU British Trials Championship – Round 3 – The St David’s Trial – Neath South Wales

Championship Class

1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 34; 2: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 35; 3: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK) 47; 4: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 47; 5: Toby Martyn (Vertigo) 48; 6: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 50; 7: Jonathan Richardson (Sherco) 54; 8: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 59; 9: Thomas Minta (JST Gas Gas UK) 61; 10: Andy Chilton (Andy Metcalfe BMS Scorpa) 64.

Championship Positions

1: Price 53; 2: Brown 52; 3: Sheppard 45; 4: Peace 36; 5: Roberts 34; 6: Martyn 27; 7: Jack Peace 22; 8: Chilton 21; 9: Haslam 20; 10: Connor 18.

Expert Class

1: Joe Baker (Active Sherco) 14; 2: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 14; 3: James Fry (Sherco) 16; 4: Luke Walker (Sherco) 16; 5: James Stones (Acklams Beta).

Championship Positions

1: Fry 52; 2: Sadler 47; 3: Thorpe 43; 4: Walker 31; 5: Affleck 31.

Youth A Class

1: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 13; 2: Josh Hanlon (Beta) 51; 3: Duncan MacColl (Beta) 54.

 Championship Positions

1: Green 60; 2: Hanlon 47; 3: MacColl 45.



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