Michelin success at 2017 British Championship

Michael Brown – JST Gas Gas


Round 5, The West of England Trial – Ruby Rocks, Devon

Once again Michelin ruled the podium at the fifth round of the British Trials Championship, with Michelin riders claiming all top three places.

In warm conditions, riders old and new battled it out. Seasoned campaigner and ex British trials champion, Michael Brown, took the win in front of his younger rivals, Jack Sheppard, and championship leader, Jack Price.

Jack Price – JST Gas Gas

Browns team mate in the JST Gas Gas UK squad, Jack Price, still retains his championship lead, but after this win, Brown has pulled some marks back to narrow the margin down to seven points with just three rounds remaining.


The secluded ‘Ruby Rocks’ venue used for round five, located just outside Newton Abbot, South Devon, offers a wide variety of challenging hazards in aheavily wooded area, ranging from the boulder strewn river to the large rocks that can be found in abundance amongst the trees on the steep banks.

Jack Sheppard – Beta UK

After heavy rain in the area in the week leading up to the event, the sun shone through for the mandatory three laps of twelve hazards for the 44 riders in, three classes, Championship, Expert and Youth A.


The first lap produced mixed results for Brown, as he parted with single marks in eight of the twelve opening hazards. He also lost a pair of twos and had only two clean rides. However, this proved enough to provide Brown with an early single mark advantage over Jack Sheppard who spoilt his opening lap score with a fivein the final hazard, as did Jack Price.


This frustrating first lap left the three top riders in the 2017 championship separated by just a single mark leaving a tough fight for the win to be contested over the remaining two laps, as the other championship riders were mainly into 20 mark scores.


Brown was the one to apply the pressure as he rode full of confidence and partedwith just a single mark on the steep climb in section six of the second lap, this proved to be his only mark lost in his second tour of the hazards.

Joe Baker – Sherco

Sheppard maintained the challenge losing four marks, while Price dropped out of the chance for victory losing a further twelve marks.


The younger of the two Peace brothers, Jack, was the only other rider in single figures for the second lap with seven.

On the final lap, an elated Brown sealed the victory with a lap score of a mere sixmarks.


Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK): At the previous round I lost some valuable points in the championship race and so I am very happy to have taken the victory today. On my opening lap, I struggled to find my best form and parted with many single marks and if I’m honest I was quite surprised to be leading. I approached the second lap more relaxed, which was reflected in my single mark loss.


On the third and final lap I felt very confident holding a clear lead over my rivals and remained focused on the win. With the feedback and confidence my Michelin X-Light tyres gave in the changing and varied conditions I was able to once again use my experience and ability to post a very low score and secure the victory.”

Billy Green – Beta UK

2017 ACU British Trials ChampionshipRound 5 Anthony Rew Trial – Ruby Rocks South Devon

Championship Class

1: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK) 19; 2: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 29; 3: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 35; 4: Andy Chilton (Andy Metcalfe BMS Scorpa) 37; 5: Toby Martyn (Vertigo) 39; 6: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 43; 7: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 48; 8: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 61; 8: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas UK) 66; 10: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 77.


Championship Positions

1: Price 88; 2: Brown 81; 3: Sheppard 77; 4: Dan Peace 62; 5: Roberts 52; 6: Martyn 51; 7: Jack Peace 43; 8: Chilton 42; 9: Haslam 29; 10: Danby 26.


Expert Class

1: Joe Baker (Active Sherco) 11; 2: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 13; 3: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas UK) 16; 4: Tom Affleck (Cloburn Sherco) 27; 5: Luke Walker (Sherco) 33.


Championship Positions

1: Sadler 84; 2: Fry 79; 3: Thorpe 71; 4: Walker 57; 5: Affleck 53.


Youth A Class

1: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 17; 2: Oliver Smith (Gas Gas) 48; 3: Duncan MacColl (Beta) 50.


Championship Positions

1: Green 100; 2: Hanlon 77; 3: MacColl 75.


After a short break, the 2017 ACU British Trials Championship moves to the North of the country for round six with the Guisborough Trial on 13th August.

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