Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK)

Round 6, the John Hardaker Trial – Mountain Ash, Glaisdale

Michelin has moved closer to winning all three classes of the 2017 British Trials Championship with a dominant show at round six on the high and exposed Mountain Ash venue of the North Yorkshire moors. Jack Sheppard took his Beta-UK supported machine to a clear win, and gained valuable points on his rival as he chases his first adult British title.

Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK)

Current series leader, Jack Price, slipped down to third on the day, as his younger team mate in the JST Gas Gas UK trials team, Dan Peace, took second.

Round six played out over varied terrain on the wide-open course, which takes in a good part of the moorland on each of the three laps. The hazards began on the exposed rocks of section one, before moving into a fast-flowing river with challenging boulders and steps, and finally to the highest point of the route, where the breaking sun and slight wind dried out the ground as the day progressed.

Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK)

Both championship-leader, Jack Price and Michael Brown, parted with five-mark penalties early in the very steep section three, giving Jack Sheppard confidence to challenge for victory at this round of the championship. However, it was Dan Peace that executed an excellent clean ride through section three, while Sheppard parted with a solitary mark.

The next major challenge proved to be the tenth hazards, where Jack Peace, on his way to his best adult championship position in fourth, was unsurpassed with just two marks lost, while everyone else failed the steep rocky climb.

With Sheppard holding an early advantage, Price then stepped up to battle it out and matched Sheppard’s eleven marks lost on the second lap.

On the final and deciding lap, Sheppard showed his world class skills and lost only nine marks, while Price fell off the pace on losing 19 and Dan Peace pulled himself up to third with a good solid lap parting with 11 marks.

The championship will conclude with a double-header weekend on 30th September and 1st October in Scotland. A battle between Sheppard and Price can now be guaranteed as both will fight for the 2017 title.

Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK): “I’m very happy with this result, as I knew I had to win to stay in contention for the 2017 title. I have won at this venue before and carried this confidence in my riding, which was reflected in my opening lap score and early lead. Championship-leader, Jack Price, matched my second lap score of 11, but I moved my game plan to another level on the closing lap posting the best and only single lap score of the trial, parting with just nine marks. The area was hit by heavy rain prior to the event, but the sun came out on the day to change the conditions for each of the three laps of twelve hazards. In these conditions throttle control is key and with the feedback and confidence my Michelin X-Light tyres gave me under varying conditions I could close the points gap at the top of the table. Now I’m ready to focus on the last two rounds and on winning the championship”

 2017 ACU British Trials Championship – Round 6 – John Hardaker Trial – Glaisdale – North Yorkshire

Championship Class

1: Jack Sheppard (Beta-UK) 31; 2: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 42; 3: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 48; 4: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 52; 5: Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas UK) 53; 6: Iwan Roberts (Beta-UK) 56; 7: Toby Martyn (Vertigo) 59; 8: Andy Chilton (Andy Metcalfe BMS Scorpa) 78; 9: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 92; 10: Adam Milner (TRS-UK) 119.

Championship Positions

1: Price 103; 2: Sheppard 97; 3: Brown 92; 4: Dan Peace 79; 5: Roberts 62; 6: Martyn 60; 7: Jack Peace 56; 8: Chilton 50; 9: Danby 33; 10: Haslam 29.

Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta)

Expert Class

1: Richard Sadler (Acklams Beta) 38; 2: James Fry (Sherco) 43; 3: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas UK) 58; 4: Tom Affleck (Cloburn Sherco) 60; 5: Chris Stay (TRS-UK) 66.

Championship Positions

1: Sadler 104; 2: Fry 96; 3: Thorpe 86; 4: Affleck 66; 5: Walker 60.

Billy Green (Beta-UK)

Youth A Class

1: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 70; 2: Duncan MacColl (Beta) 70; 3: Oliver Smith (Gas Gas) 92.

Championship Positions

1: Green 120; 2: MacColl 92; 3: Hanlon 90.


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