Montesa 4Ride shows all its potential at Bassella’s enduro race!

Francesc Moret finished among the top ten in the Xtreme race on Sunday, Fujinami did the same on Saturday

Maria Giró came out on top of the Female category

Montesa participated in the ninth edition of the Basella Race, the most famous enduro race in Spain, with their most versatile model, the 4RIDE. Both on Saturday and Sunday, Montesa pilots managed to place in the top ten with their standard 4RIDEs equipped with a front enduro wheel, proving the incredible versatility of this motorcycle developed on the basis of their four-stroke trial motorcycle, the Cota 4RT.

The enduro aspects of this test weren’t ideal for the 4RIDE, but even so, the pilots of the Catalan brand gave a worthy performance, especially given the fact that many of them are not professional pilots and were fighting against true champions of Enduro and Extreme Enduro. As proof of this, the pilot of the Repsol Honda Trail Team, Takahisa Fujinami, managed to take ninth position in the Xtreme on Saturday after finishing 9th and 11th in the first two stages, which were won by two veteran pilots, Alfredo Gómez and Tadeusz Blazusiak. Along with Fujinamis performance wed also like to highlight Biel Giró’s 20th position and Guillen Jorbas 21st, in a race with 52 participants.

On Sunday, given Fujinamis absence, he was participating at the Trial Indoor of Barcelona, the spotlight fell on Francesc Moret, who reached a spectacular eighth position in the Xtreme category with his 4RIDE. Amós Bilbao didnt want to miss out either and took 17th position in a race that was won by Blazusiak, followed closely by Jonny Walker and Alfredo Gómez.

In the Amigos category, which took place on Sunday with more than 400 participants, Guillem Jorba managed an excellent sixth position with his 4RIDE, while Jordi Capellas finished 14th.

Another worthy performance during the Basella Race was given by Maria Giró, who won the Female category, also with a 4RIDE.

These results, along with Takahisa Fujinamis victory at the Enduroc (Amigos category) last November, prove once again the competitiveness of the Montesa 4RIDE beyond the world of trial.

About the Montesa 4RIDE
The 4Ride relies on the light frame and aluminum swing-arm used by the Cota 4RT260. One of the most important features of the 4Ride is the inclusion of the seat, which varies the ergonomics of the motorcycle, giving the rider more confort and control when driving given the bikes adventure orientation. Under the seat, which can be easily removed without any need for tools, you will find a nice storage space to put your jacket, gloves or any other object that may come in handy during your ride.

Another feature worth mentioning, especially given its adventure features, is the expansion of the gas tank from the usual 1,9 liters held by the trial bikes, to 4,4 liters, giving the bike a guaranteed autonomy of 120 km.

As for the suspensions, the ajustable TECH fork is 38 mm taller and has 24 mm more travel than the Cota 4RT260 to ensure maximum performance, control and confort while riding. The rear R16V suspension, also is multi-adjustable and although it has the same travel as the Cota 4RT260, it is positioned 12 mm taller.

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