Montesa 4Ride


Montesa is celebrating its 70-year history in style. Just a few months ago Montesa announced the new Cota 300RR and the brand has surprised again with the announcement of it’s upcoming release, the new 4RIDE, which was presented today to the press at the headquarters of Honda in Spain, located in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona).

With the new 4RIDE Montesa it is determined to reach a larger number of users beyond trials, reinventing a new concept for the offroad to enjoy the surroundings with greater ease and fun brand. The 4RIDE maintains the hallmarks of Montesa range, whose main features are its advanced 4-stroke technology, environmentally friendly, reliability and quality of components.

The public can see for the first time the 4Ride at the EICMA Milan, which was held between 19 and 22 November. Availability: February 2016

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