Montesa Cota 300RR

Montesa improves its exclusive Cota 300RR, their most race-oriented model!


Last season, Montesa expanded its line up with a new trial model, the Montesa Cota 300RR, an exclusive race-oriented model designed to satisfy the brand’s most demanding fans.

This season, the brand will introduce some changes that make the model even more competitive.

New 2017 features:

  • –  Three rings on the piston instead of two. Better engine response, especially in the low tomid ranges.
  • –  New piston head design, now flatter. This improves the efficiency of combustion at low rpm and reduces vibration.
  • –  Redesigned cylinder that adapts to the new piston, improving the engine performance and giving the motorcycle a feel closer to that of racing bike.
  • –  New ECU mapping
  • –  Shorter brake pedal to avoid impacts.
  • –  New muffler, now more resistant.
  • –  Improvement of the fork settings to increase shock absorption and give the motorcycle more stability.
  • –  Euro4 Model

The main changes of the model can be found in the thermodynamic group. The engine will continue along the lines of those used by the motorcycles participating in world championships with Montesa’s support. This year, the Cota 300RR features new ECU mapping that improves engine response in the low to mid ranges, especially important for trail motorcycles. Another aspect that contributes to engine response is the three rings piston, instead of two, which helps prevent leakage and improves durability.

2017 piston on left, compared to 2016 version right

The head of the piston has also been redesigned to be flatter, making combustion more efficient at low rpm. Furthermore, because the piston is now lighter, vibrations are reduced. The cylinder has also been redesigned to fit the new piston, resulting again in an improvement of engine efficiency.

Manufacturing Process

Just like the Cota 4RT260, the Race Replica and the 4RIDE, the 300RR is manufactured exclusively and for a worldwide distribution at the modern Montesa Honda facilities located at Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, in Barcelona. Furthermore, in an effort to ensure the preservation of the brand’s high quality standards, all the processes of welding, assembly of the engine, plastic injection, manufacturing of the fuel tank and swingarm, as well as the aluminum frame is all done at these facilities.


Nuevos-settings-de-la-horquilla-TECH-para-mayor-absorcionAs for the chassis, the most noticeable improvement can be seen in the settings of the TECH fork, now more shock absorbent, making the motorcycle more comfortable and closer to what a competition model would feel like. Another improvement is the muffler, now more resistant and with reinforced mounts. Finally, for the brakes, the pedal has been made shorter to avoid strong impacts and therefore make it more reliable and allow more freedom of movement with the motorcycle.

The Cota 300RR was made for competition, that’s the reason why it’s called RR (Race Ready).The model was developed based on the proven experience inherited from racing models such as those used by Montesa’s riders in Trial Championships. In fact most of its components and technical solutions come from Eddie Karlsson and Oriol Noguera’s motorcycles. Without a doubt, the Cota 300RR is the mass produced model most similar to the prototypes used by Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto. In other words, it’s an authentic racing model made available for brand followers.

Design & Style

Yet another season, Montesa is betting on its classic red for the Cota 300RR, with some small variations that give it an even sportier look. The fuel tank and the mudguards are red and combine with the black details and the 4RT and Cota 300RR logos. The frame and clutch and ignition covers are anodized black giving the model an extra sportier look. The rims are also anodized black and are elegantly combined with red decals.

Montesa’s models have always been known for the great quality finish and their excellent components that preserve their properties intact throughout out the years. This is something we have kept in the new Cota 300RR with the incorporation of the highest quality plastics and decals.


One of the main advantages of the PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection system is that it self-adjusts the mix to adapt to the different meteorological conditions, the racing models have the option to install the throttle body-ECU, included in the Full Power version. This throttle body – ECU features a double ignition map activated through a switch on the handlebar: Mode 1, useful in conditions of low traction; and Mode 2, the map used for max power. Furthermore, the throttle body – ECU isn’t

actually a sealed system, so the rider will be able to adjust the ignition and injection maps simply by connecting it to a Laptop.

These changes translate in a fuller and stronger power curve in all ranges of rpm, especially in the mid ones, keeping its sweet response on the low ones. Another aspect where they can be noticed is the perfect connection between throttle and final transmission, a key element in professional trial and another reflection of the excellent performance of the PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection system.


Racing Kit Parts

With the purchase of a Cota 300RR, you will also receive a kit of carbon HRC parts composed by:

  •   Clutch cover protection
  •   Exhaust pipe protection
  •   A light headlight visor for exclusive racing useRacing

    Montesa has been world champion on 18 times. The last 11 titles have been achieved consecutively with the Cota 4RT model.

    Montesa has also proven its leadership as a brand in other specialties such as the World Indoor Championship and the Women’s World Championship where it has obtained 14 and 8 titles respectively.

    The achievement of these awards proves the authority of the Montesa Cota 4RT in high level competition, where it has been the leader ever since 2005.

    Finally, we’d also like to note that this year Montesa reached its victory number 200 in world trial GP.

Availability: November 2016

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