Montesa Cota 300RR


Up until this moment, Montesa offered a choice two very high quality models, the Cota 4RT260 and the Race Replica, their main characteristics being their advanced technology, reliability and the quality of its components.

However, clients with a more race oriented preference were asking the brand for an increase in engine performance as well as a lighter model to be able to compete directly against two-stroke motorcycles. Taking into consideration these two aspects and maintaining the main characteristics of the Cota 4RT models, Montesa developed the new Cota 300RR, a race-oriented model that maintains the high quality standards of the brand.


New Engine with Improved Performance ..

The Cota 300RR is fitted with a completely new engine, based on those used by Montesa’s riders Eddie Karlsson and Oriol Noguera in Trial World Championships. The increase in displacement to 289cc has been achieved by increasing the diameter and stroke of the piston. The introduction of these changes together with the adoption of a new fuel pump which provides more fuel pressure can be noticed by the fact that the model has a strong power curve in all ranges, but especially in the mid ones and maintaining its excellent drivability in the low ones. Another feature where it can be noticed is the perfect connection between throttle and final transmission. All these improvements in the performance of the engine mean that the Cota 300RR can deal with areas that would be harder for the Cota 4RT260 and the Race Replica.

Engine Mapping Switch ..

Depending on the terrain conditions or riding style, rider’s can select from the handlebar switch any of the 2 existing engine maps. Fuel inyection & timing can be modified using a PC and the corresponding software.

Reduction of the Engine Braking ..

Another aspect worth highlighting is the reduction of the engine braking by incorporating a crankcase’s gas decompressing system as well as a thorough work on the electronics to minimize this effect. Through this system, when closing the throttle, the engine braking is minimized making the motorcycle feel lighter and easy to control.

Lighter and Easier to Control ..

One of the main objectives whilst developing the Cota 300RR was to reduce the weight of the motorcycle and make the overall feel of the model lighter, more responsive and agile. One of the main factors in achieving this is the repositioning of the foot pegs which are now 5mm lower and 5mm rearward, positioning the rider’s weight towards the rear and therefore making the front train lighter. Furthermore, the Cota 300RR adopts a new light front suspension with aluminum fork tubes and mechanized wheel hubs, making possible to reduce the overall weight in 2 kg.

New Suspension ..

Looking to achieve more lightness, the Cota 300RR features a new TECH fork with lighter aluminum tubes. The rear suspension, on the other hand, is signed by Showa and includes some novelties in the hydraulics and settings which make the overall feel of the bike lighter and more stable as well as providing better traction and relieving the rider fatigue.

Outstanding Quality ..

The Cota 300RR uses Michelin X11 tires, which offer an excellent combination of traction, lightness and response. The tires come equipped with light mechanized hubs made of 7075 T6 aluminum, anodized in black and with the RR logo engraved with laser. The overall weight reduction is also achieved by the use of new DID aluminum tire rims, lighter than the ones used in other models. A Renthal fat bar handlebar and a magnet kill switch are part of the original equipment.

More efficiency and power in the brakes ..

The Cota 300RR features and new front brake which incorporates a 4 piston monoblock caliper allowing more efficiency and power when braking. The new brake and clutch pumps with red anodized covers are signed by Braktec and increase the response and performance of the model.

Manufactured in Europe ..

Like its Cota 4RT260 and the Race Replica, the production of both versions will take place in the modern Montesa Honda facilities, located at Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) ensuring the highest quality standards of the brand.


Specifications Cota 300RR
Type Single, 4-strokes, 4 valves, SOHC, liquid cooled.
Displacement 288 cm3
Diameter x stroke 80 × 57.2 mm
Compression ratio 10,5 : 1
Idle Speed 1.800 min-1
Engine oil capacity 0.6 litres; Transmission: 0.57 litres
Fuel system
Fuel supply Electronic fuel injection PGM-FI
Throttle body 28 mm
Air Cleaner Viscous, foam element.
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,9 litres
Ignition System Electronic, digital transistorized
Ignition Timing 27° APMS (ralentí) ~ 45° APMS (10,000 min-1)
Sparkplug Type CR6EH-9 (NGK)
Starting Kick to primary transmission
ACG output ACG 160 W
Drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Clutch Operation Hydraulic
Transmission type 5-speed
Primary Reduction 3,166 (57/18)
Gear Ratios 1 1ª 2,800 (42/15)
2 2ª 2,384 (31/13)
3 3ª 2,000 (30/15)
4 4ª 1,272 (28/22)
5 5ª 0,814 (22/27)
Final Reduction 4,100 (41/10)
Final Drive Roller chain #520
Type Diamond, aluminium twin spar
Dimensiones (LxAnxAl) 2.016 × 830 × 1.130 mm
Wheelbase 1,321 mm
Caster Angle 23°
Trail 63 mm
Seat height 650 mm
Footpegs height 385 mm
Ground Clearence 335 mm
Dry Weight 72,0 kg
Front 39 mm TECH telescopic fork with aluminium tubes, pre-load, compression and rebound adjustment. 167mm stroke
Rear Pro-Link system with Showa shock, pre-load and rebound adjustment. 170 mm stroke.
Rim Size Front Front 21 × 1.60
Rear Rear 18 × 2.15
Tyre Front Front 80/100 21 (Michelin)
Rear Rear 120/100 R18 (Michelin)
Type pressure Front Front 39 – 44kPa
Rear Rear 29 – 34kPa
Front 185 × 3.5 mm hydraulic disc with 4-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
Rear 150 × 2.5 mm hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
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