So very proud of its sporting heritage Montesa announce that the Cota 301RR has been chosen to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this legendry manufacture with its customers. This successful four-stroke world championship model has over the last two seasons won the coveted FIM Trial World Championship in the Trial2 category. It also incorporates a specific colour decoration that will show the 75th anniversary logo on the front fork bottoms and on the rear mudguard just below the fuel tank.

Pictures: Montesa

 As you can see in the picture of the ‘Race’ version the new colour scheme combines the red colour in the fuel tank which is associated with the Montesa history and in the grey colour rear mudguard from the record breaking 301RR. Grey was the colour which was also chosen for first Montesa A-45 model, hence the association in the aesthetics. They have also changed the colour of the front suspension bottoms to black. These also carry the golden 75 years logo which offers a very nice contrast with the black background and can be appreciated by all who view the machine.

An additional 75 years logo can be found on the rear mudguard and very close to the fuel tank. This is an important location as it can be seen by the rider while using the machine to remind them that they are in control of a special anniversary model and to remind the Montesa riders of the brand’s heritage. The decoration of the wheel rims has also changed and besides the proud Cota nameplate it also shows the Montesa ‘M’ in white on a red background. Besides the red fuel tank you will notice that there is a red sticker in the chassis that gives the optical illusion to have a bigger fuel tank. This is done intentionally as a tribute to the typical red fuel tanks of the early Montesa motorcycles. The 75 model is very typical of the early days of Montesa which were the black chassis, black front fork’s and black mudguards. All the 300RR, and 301RR models have always had a black chassis and this has been retained for the next season.

To embrace and enhance the Montesa heritage they have also changed the gold colour of the front fork bottoms that have been a part of this top of the range Cota since its launch. These have been changed to black but with the Cota lettering in gold to further celebrate this new model. The Cota 301RR 75 Anniversary has the red fuel tank and proudly displays a big ‘M’ on it, don’t be confused this is a Montesa and it’s a time to celebrate.



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