Montesa Cota Race Replica

Based on the Cota 4RT, we have created the exclusive Race Replica inspired by the decoration of the world champion motorcycle. Showa suspensions make the most of the most difficult areas. Also included is a kit with carbon parts to lighten and/or customise your bike even more.

High-quality production and parts

Each Cota 4RT Race Replica is carefully assembled in the Montesa factory based in Spain. Every detail, no matter how small, is important in creating competition-grade performance, as well as a high-quality production process and parts.

To push to the limit

Trial competitions provide the toughest test for a motorcycle. And that’s why we created the Cota 4RT Race Replica. But the challenge for the rider is even greater. Believe in your bike. Believe in yourself. And push it to the limit.

The Cota 4RT Race Replica is the materialisation on two wheels of your desire for performance, and ultimately, for success at the highest level. It will take you where you want to go, in a winning style.


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