Moto Trial NI 5th round

Saturday 13th June saw Moto Trial NI run the 5th round of their Winter Series at the new Venue of Mountfield. Set on the side of the moors above Mountfield and utilizing the wonderful setting of moor, rolling fields and meandering rivers the team had 10 sections set out to test the riders who came along.

There were 65 riders of all ages right from the youngest, Shannon Smyth, to veterans with many decades of competition behind them.

The day started off in beautiful bright sunshine and the first riders were away on the 11am start time to tackle the 10 sections over the 4 laps to see who would triumph in each grade. Trials are divided up on ability in both the adult and junior ranks with the object being that the person who makes the least mistakes wins their relative grade. 

In grade A in the adults the early running was done by David McKnight, hotly followed by Sasha Turkington and Robbie Jennings. At the halfway mark David had a faultless 2 laps with Sasha and Robbie both with 1 penalty. With the pressure now on David rode the second two laps faultlessly again meaning he had ridden a “clean” trial having made no mistakes all day, thereby winning the event!  Robbie also had a clean second card which meant he was second on 1 mark.  Unfortunately Sasha suffered some mechanical issues which dropped her out of the reckoning allowing Robert Nixon and Johnny Dougan to come through and take a tied third place on a total of 3 marks lost each!!

Sasha Turkington
Sasha Turkington

In A twinshock grade for older bikes Stuart Hanlon was in a clear lead at halfway with a faultless card with Kyle Turner on 10 marks. At the end of the second card though Stuart had completely fell apart and dropped a massive 24 marks!!! Kyle took advantage of this rare slip up by Stuart, posting a second card of 12 to just take the by 2 marks on 22!

In A aircooled Ashley Turner and Andrew Livingstone battled it out for the win! At halfway Ashley had dropped 6 to Andrews 11, by the end both riders put in similar scores with Ashley running out winner on 11, 9 ahead of Andrew.

Into the grade B for the adults 5 riders battled closely for the win!  This is always a really fiercely fought grade!!  At the halfway stage Colin Lyttle was faultless, closely followed by Geoff Hillis and Keith Lennox on 1 mark! A gaggle of about 8 riders were nipping at their heels a mark or two behind!! At the end of the second card Colin had dropped a mark, while Keith went clean meaning both riders tied on 1 mark lost for the win!! John Tweedie was third on 2, closely followed by Paul Gormley on 3 and Allister Galloway on 4!

Eddie Henderson
Eddie Henderson

In the B twinshock grade Brandon Craig, Shane Gallagher and Mark McNeill fought for the win. At halfway Brandon was faultless, closely followed by Shane on 3, with Mark on 10. At the end of the second card Brandon was again clean meaning he like David McKnight in the A grade had completed a faultless trial!! Shane finished second on 4 with Mark on 19 in total. 

Into the C grade for adults it was again a tightly fought battle!  At the halfway point Jim Lowry and Peter Long were tied with faultless cards. Six riders were within 5 marks of the two front runners at this stage!  At the end of the trial Jim had completed a second faultless card to win on zero marks, a clean trial just like David and Brandon. Davy Mulholland was second with 1 mark lost with Warren Gallagher third on 2.

In C twinshock Mark Dow took the win as the only competitor on his trusty old blue Bultacoand his final score of 20 was by no means shabby!!!

Finally into the Youth grades

In Youth A Alex Lennox fought with young Robbie Dougan all day!  At halfway Alex was clean, Robbie had 2 marks and he was followed by Jamie Chambers on 9. At the end of the event Alex had emulated David, Brandon and Jim by having a totally faultless event, Robbie ended second on a total of 5 with Jamie on 11.

Robbie Dougan
Robbie Dougan

In grade B Jordan Nixon held off 4 other riders, at halfway he was clean with Stuart Tweedie on 3, and Callum McAlister on 4. At the end all three riders had clean second cards meaning Jordan won on 0, Stuart was second on 3, with Callum third on 4.

Normally our youth C and D competitors tackle their own separate course but Barry and Laura Smyth who look after our younger riders felt that the adult course was achievable for the riders and they tackled the full course!! Massive credit to all the riders for this!

In Youth C Dylan Smyth took the halfway lead on 5 from Jonny King. At the end Dylan posted a score of 1 on his second card giving him the win on 6 ahead of Jonny on 18!

In the final grade, youth D Shannon “Pixe” Smyth won the grade!!!  Shannon is only 7 years of age and it was absolutely amazing to see her not only complete the FULL adult course but also do so with a massive smile!!

Grade A

David McKnight – 0

Robbie Jennings – 1

Robert Nixon – 3

Johnny Dougan – 3

Sasha Turkington – 6

James Chambers – 8

Ross Pyper – 14

Che McStay – 15

Nigel Green – 16

Paddy McPhelimy – 18

Paul Harvey – 22

Jason Wright – 25

Eddie Henderson – 51


Kyle Turner – 22

Stuart Hanlon – 24

A aircooled

Ashley Turner – 11

Andrew Livingstone – 20

Grade B

Colin Lyttle – 1

Keith Lennox – 1

John Tweedie – 2

Paul Gormley – 3 

Alistair Galloway – 3

Matthew Mason – 4

Eddie Long – 4

Darren Pyper – 4

Harry Alexander – 5

Geoff Hillis – 6

Lee Hulme – 6

Sydney Bell – 8

Maurice Crawford – 9

Brendan Gormley – 10

Garath Jones – 11

Andrew Bolton – 31


Brandon Craig – 0

Shane Gallagher – 4

Mark McNeill – 19

Grade C

Jim Lowry – 0

Davy Mulholland – 1

Warren Gallagher – 2

Gerry Mills – 3

Raymond Mason – 4

Lee Gallagher – 4

Peter Long – 5

Adrian Galloway – 5

Jamie Clarke – 6

Pete Morrison – 9

Adrian Flood – 10

Alex Scott – 20


Mark Dow – 20

Youth A

Alex Lennox – 0

Robbie Dougan – 5

Jamie Chambers – 11

Youth B

Jordan Nixon – 0

Stuart Tweedie – 3

Callum McAlister – 4

Josh Pyper – 5

Jamie Nixon – 7

Youth C

Dylan Smyth – 6

Jonny King – 18

Youth D

Shannon Smyth – 54

The club would like to thank the riders for supporting the event, the Landowner for his kind permission to use the venue and all the observers for giving their time too.

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