Moto Trials NI Youth day

Saturday 8th November saw the running of a Moto Trial NI’s youth trial/training day at Bertie Moores, near Newtownards.

The format was a “bike tech” first thing followed by some training, lunch, then a two lap trial of an 8 section course.

The weather was atrocious, but we trials folk are a hardy bunch and this didn’t deter the team nor the near 40 kids who turned up with their parents from near and far for the event.

The “bike tech” took place under our brand new gazebo, this was tested well by the conditions and proved up to that test, all the riders and most of the adults were able to shelter in it.

Top Gear has “the Stig”, well not to be outdone, we had Trials very own “The Hig” who provided the “bike tech” chat to the riders, this pointed out the important aspects of bike cleaning and maintenance and was delivered in the unique style Andy is renowned for!!!

Following on from this the riders were divided up into groups based on the grading list and taken up onto the mountain for some detailed expert tuition.

Each group of riders were given advice and tuition from multiple Irish and Ulster championship winners, both from our own members including Andy Perry and former World Trials regular Robert Crawford, and for the “A” grade, Harold McQuaid, who was fresh from winning the Irish Experts trial the week before.

Lunch followed and after this all the riders were back up onto the mountain to ride the 8 sections twice, putting into practice what had been gained from the mornings tuition.

The club are as ever grateful for all those who came along and assisted in this respect, it is good to see folk giving their time free to see the sport continue!

The weather as stated played its own part and I think everyone there will agree that it is a long time since we have seen so much water coming down the famous “waterfall” section! This has been used for decades in the Boxing Day trial and was used in the World Championship Hurst Cup Trial too!!

The conditions certainly tested the riders ability to find grip and control, but from speaking to them after the event all seemed happy with the level of the sections.

Jay Piper
Jay Piper

At the end Josh Hanlon ran out winner of the “A” grade from Alexander Lennox and Reece Gazzard, the fact Josh cleaned the very technical 3rd section on the first lap while Alexander and Reece fived this proved to be the decider!

Grade “B” was won by Jordan Nixon, closely followed by Matthew White and Stuart Tweedie.

Grade “C” was won by Morgan Steele who was competing in his very first event, well done Morgan!! He was followed home by Dylan Smith and Ross Allen.

Grade “D” was a very tight affair and at the end of the two laps the top guys couldn’t be seperated, with Jonny King, Aaron Lappin and Kyle Nixon all finishing on 23 marks!!! Both Aaron and Kyle were also competing in their first event, so again, well done lads!!

Harry Smith won the “E” grade by one mark from Stuart Lappin and Cameron Speers followed for third! And again, more “newbies” in Stuart and Cameron, so it really shows that the riders are there if the events can cater for them!

While the older riders were up having their fun the younger riders, from 4 yr old, on their electric bikes had their own small course set out within the “Try Trials” arena, and a dedicated section set out close by. I looked after four hardy wee souls most of whom were at their first trial!!! It was heartwarming to see that despite the heavy rain they were keen to get out and ride their bikes and have a ball!!

It is also amazing to see how well the bikes, both Oset and Mecatecno, coped in the foul weather, these things are not just for the summer, they are definitely all year round machines!

The “Try Trials” aspect is slowly starting to gather pace, we had 4 new attendees who came along to get a feel for trials, and hopefully this continues to grow!!! Remember we have this at all our events, so if you are considering trials for your child, from 4 and up, come along and give it a try!!

On behalf of the club I would like to thank Harold and all those who attended and helped out, especially the observers and also to Bertie Moore for kindly allowing us access to a cracking trials venue and the other users of the land who moved livestock etc so we could use the land. Thanks as well to Phillip Hanlon for taking some great pictures.



  1. Josh Hanlon 9
  2. Alexander Lennox 12
  3. Reece Gazzard 18


  1. Jordan Nixon 10
  2. Matthew White 12
  3. Stuart Tweedie 15


  1. Morgan Steele 11
  2. Dylan Smyth 25
  3. Ross Allen 47


  1. Jonny King 23

= Aaron Lappin 23

= Kyle Nixon 23


  1. Harry Smith 24
  2. Stuart Lappin 25
  3. Cameron Speers 33

Could I finally on behalf of the Lightweight Club remind that the next trial is their event at Boydes Quarry, Kilwaughter, Larne on Saturday 15th November. It is the last round of the Ulster Championship and ALL grades will be catered for.

Regards …
Robert Crawford
Moto Trial NI

Photos – Philip Hanlon

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