New Jitsie Products

Jitsie Rim Brake Master Cylinder Race

Experience next level braking power with the Jitsie Race rim brake master cylinder. A true Race product developed with 100% focus on performance and light weight to produce maximum braking power and optimal ergonomics for those long hours on the bike. Features: * CNC machined from lightweight aluminium except for the piston bolt which is machined from steel * 14mm piston for optimal power ratio * axial master cylinder design for a strong linear piston course * flip flop use possible * ergonomic design with super smooth edges * Jitsie laser branding * Made and assembled in Belgium

Linkage Bearing Kits for GasGas and Beta (different kits available)

The Jitsie linkage bearing kit provides all the necessary parts to service the linkage on a bike correctly. Features: * kit includes all the necessary bearings, seals and bushes * case hardened and plated bushings to prevent wear and corrosion * grease components generously for optimal performance

TRS Exhaust Pipe

Super light titanium front pipe for the TRS trials bikes. Titanium not only saves weight but also dissipates heat quicker which lowers the temperature of the engine. Features: * OEM product * improves engine response throughout the power band

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