New Yokes from R.E.H Forks

REH yoke-set-web Yokes by REH Forks are now available after a year of testing and development. They mirror the original R.E.H Yokes in profile, retaining classic Pre-65 appearance. Using an aircraft-grade aluminium, they are claimed to be the strongest, stiffest yokes on the pre-65 market. 

“Most, if not all, yokes are made from 6082; R.E.H yokes use 2014A, aircraft grade billet, the same material used in R.E.H Fork sliders, “says Duncan Macdonald, REH Forks. “This has a higher ultimate tensile strength and yield than standard yoke material.”


R.E.H Yokes are designed to work with R.E.H Forks. They will fit ALL classic trials bikes with 35mm stanchions.

R.E.H Yokes special features:

– Depth on top and bottom yokes is bigger than other pre-65 slab-type yokes, to give a much larger surface area in the stanchion  clamping zone 

– Parallel with 40mm offset, fits virtually all pre-65 frames

– Spindle takes a 24mm diameter bearing: larger than most other yokes, so is stronger and stiffer

– Spindle is provided over-length to suit any frame and is easily removable.

– Choice of handlebar clamps: standard 7/8ths or modern ‘fat’ bars (28.6mm)

– Polished aluminium finish

– REH Yokes are eligible for the Pre-65 Scottish 2-Day Trial

R.E.H Yokes are supplied with:

– choice of handlebar clamps: standard or ‘fat’

– dedicated spindle and cap

– full set of clamping bolts

* Taper roller bearings, 24mm ID x 41mm OD, by NTN, are also available, £40/pair

PRICE: £325 includes yokes, clamps, spindle, cap, bolts REHyokes-web

For more information or to order, please contact Duncan or Judy Macdonald, email, telephone 01751 417371 or visit the website:


Telephone:  01751 417371Email:

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