North Berks Supertrial 2018

North Berks MCC will again be running the Berks Bonanza Super Trial at Seymours Arena Aston Tirrold Oxon. On Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August.

Britains top Ladies & Girls & Youth A & B on the Saturday by invitation only. Britains top world class men will be battling it out on the Sunday for the top prize money.

There will be 2 laps of 8-10 sections for qualifying both days with the top elite women battling it out on the Saturday to be Arena Super Trial British Champion.

On Sunday the men will do their qualifying with the top 6 going into the semi final & then top 3 after 5 sections going into the final to see who will be King of the British Arena Super Trial Championship.

Work is well on its way in reshaping the sections to make them exciting for the riders & spectators, with the famous wood yard section having a total rebuild with an arctic load of logs. With the famous Seymour Arenas waterfall which Stuart Robinson & loyal gang of North Berks helpers are working hard to make bigger & better.

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