North Berks Supertrial – Ladies


Ladies Championship podium
Ladies Championship podium

The North Berks Supertrial weekend got off to a start with the Ladies round on Saturday.

Whilst the wind did get stronger through the day, and there was a short shower in the morning, the promised bad weather never really took ahold … right up until the trophy presentation where it poured down for 15 minutes giving everyone a thorough soaking!

Full results are to come but after two laps in the morning, and after everyone had been entertained by the two sidecars in attendance, 6 riders competed in the final.

After 5 sections Victoria Payne – Sherco, Jess Bown – Scorpa, and Louise Alford – Gas Gas dropped out leaving just Emma Bristow – Sherco, Becky Cook – TRS, and Nikita Smith- Gas Gas to finish the last 5 and fight for the top three positions.

It was neck and neck right up until the last few sections between Emma and Becky, Nikita finally had to give way to her injuries and decided wisely to sit out the last few sections. She received a very loud cheer and round of applause for her efforts after her serious accident and prolonged recovery process, it was just great to see her back on the bike again and to finish in the top three seemed to take her greatly by surprise.

Becky tried to hold on but two fives in the last two sections handed the win to a brilliant Emma Bristow.

In the B class Alicia Robinson took a commanding win from Alice Minta and Gabby Whitham all on 125 Beta’s.

Photos all by Trial Magazine



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