One big weekend for OSET Bikes


Devon will be home to a host of headliners this weekend.  The ACU OSET British Youth Trials Championship hots up with a double round in the South West.


On the main stage, up and coming rider, Toby Shaw who was ‘top of the pops’ claiming the No 1 spot last time out.  Hoping to knock him off the top spot will be George Hemingway and Jasper Fox.


Harry Smith
Harry Smith

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “There are no one hit wonders when it comes to OSET Bikes.  All our riders in the D-Class are solid performers and we’re delighted to make up most of the top 20.”


With the likes of Harry Smith travelling over from Northern Ireland, Stanley Cubbon from the Isle of Man and Joe Drysdale and Ruari Younie both making the trip down from Scotland, there’s some serious mileage being undertaken for this event.


Closer to home, Johnathan Hancock, Sam Hartland and Jowan Davis from Cambourne and Redruth MCC take part in their first national.


Simon Armstrong from OSET Bikes, said: “With all three boys riding OSETs and regulars at their local OSET Cup it continues to demonstrate that starter events like OSET Cups leads to kids gaining enough confidence and skill to ride up to the highest level the sport has to offer.  With every child in the D-Class now riding an electric bike and entry numbers going from strength to strength – it puts national youth trials in a very positive place.”


In the D-Class medium wheeled stage, Myles Hutchinson will look to continue his dominance – with such a massive gap between him and his nearest competitor, it’s going to take something special to knock the Bradford boy off track.


Mixing it up in his first year with the C-Class medium wheels, Dominic Horne is currently the only OSET in the class.


Ian added: “Dom and Myles are both proving just how credible and competitive the OSET is as they mix it with petrol machines.  With the first full production run available later this year, we think the OSET  24 will be a natural progression for the current crop of D-Class riders and will make an excellent bike for kids looking to practice skills in the back garden.”


Oliver Smith is on the prototype OSET 125 riding in the B-Class and will be working hard to get on the podium again.


We wish all the riders good luck over the two days – this is about as serious as fun gets!


So, with a line-up this good, there’s only One Big Weekend to be at in Devon – and it’s not the one with Scott Mills!

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