OSET at Earl Shilton Youth National

The opening Youth National for 2019 started with a bang, with the Earl Shilton Club running their first ever National effort and excelling on all fronts! They bit off a lot by running all youth classes together, and by running a double header. Congratulations to the organisers – they did a terrific job and deserve a big pat on the back.


The first event of the year is a great unknown. It’s only after it gets going that it’s evident who’s been putting in the bike time over the winter and who’s likely to be strong through the year.

For OSET, the youth D class saw a continuation of the last seven years, with 14 of the 15 riders on OSET’s. The entry was a slightly smaller this year, so hopefully as the year goes on a few more of the OSET Cup riders around the country will come out and give it a go!

Going into the event it was really anyone’s game. No one knew who might be strong. From performances last year it looked likely that Isle of Man rider Jacob Wilson would be a contender, and after switching from a Beta to the OSET 20.0R Jacob came out strong with a 4th on Saturday and a win on Sunday. Third both days was Robbie Bremner, who we’re sure will be challenging for wins as the season goes on. First overall over the two days, and possibly the smiliest rider of the event – Northern Ireland’s Mason Crawford – had a clear victory on day one, and tied with Jacob on day two – losing out on most cleans. A fantastic weekend for Mason, and it’s certain he’ll be a strong contender for the year. The points gap from third place to ninth was only eight points on Sunday – so definitely all to play for at the upcoming Nationals!

In the medium wheel classes, it was surprising to see a lone OSET 24.0 in the C medium class against all the petrol bikes. But, it was clear the bike was up for the job in the hands of OSET’s own Elliot Smith. Elliot had clear victories on both days. On Saturday Elliot lost 29 points, with ex OSET rider’s Stanley Cubbon on 60 points for second place, and Joe Drysdale third on 94. On Sunday, the same top three came through, with Elliot on 24, Stanley on 46 and Joe on 55 in the field of seven riders. A great effort from Elliot.

It’s worth mentioning that the top riders in the big wheel C class and the B class all started on OSET’s. Congratulations to all. As usual, George and Harry Hemingway, Jasper Fox, Euan Sim and Harry Turner were all amazing!

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