OSET bikes feel the force with Ant and Dec

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Ant and Dec, two of TV’s most popular stars, went head to head on OSET Bikes in the penultimate show, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.  The regular Ant vs Dec segment saw the boys take an OSET MX10 each and race them round the studio that included a trip in lift, a short ride outside and over two obstacles.

Luke Skywalker, aka Mark Hamell, raised his lightsabre to signal the start of the race.  Dec started off strong and a dodgy early corner by Ant meant he was never really going to catch his presenting partner.

The family entertainment show is arguably the most popular programme on the box right now. Over six million viewers regularly tune in to watch the Geordie pair race through an hour and half of live TV along with A-list celebrity guests like Hugh Jackman and Simon Cowell.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “Ant and Dec were brilliant – we had lots of fun and so did they.  Ant especially wanted to keep turning the power up.  To think that just over 10 years ago we had a little 12.5 for Oliver in my garage and today we’re on the biggest show in Britain and our bikes are being ridden by two of the UK’s best loved stars is incredible.”

Ant said: “So much fun – both me and Dec loved them!”

Dec responded: “No chance fella – I was always going to beat you!!”

Producer of Saturday Night Takeaway, Richard Mittell, said: “OSET Bikes were perfect for us.  We were able to limit the speed, which in a confined space like a studio was reassuring, an automatic kill switch again ticks the safety box, while the fact they are virtually silent made them ideal for filming.  The lads had a quick test earlier in the week and were away – if you can ride a push bike, you can ride an OSET.  We weren’t short of people wanting to have a go!  A lot of fun!”

The team at OSET Bikes have worked with the producers since January to help pull together Saturday’s show.

Ian added: “We’ve always felt that OSET Bikes have the potential to appeal to a mainstream audience and this proves it.  Virtually silent, speed limited and no hot parts across a range of nine bikes means we appeal to a wide group of people including, back garden just-for-fun riders, mountain bikers and competitive trials riders.  If two, non-motorbike riding TV presenters can simply get on and ride – anyone can!”

To view Ant vs Dec and Marcus vs Alfie in the warm up – go here http://www.itv.com/saturdaynighttakeaway

You can also go online and vote for your favourite Ant vs Dec http://www.itv.com/saturdaynighttakeaway

So far OSET are racing ahead with 40% of the vote. Human Pacman is its closest rival on 24%

The MX10 is due to go into production later this year.

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