OSET Cup North, season finale

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The Walcot Estate near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire hosted the fourth and final round of the OSET Cup North series.

Supported by Richtoy, the beautiful estate overlooking wide and expansive views over the county proved the perfect setting for the season finale.

Travis Tailford and Lucas Butcher tied for the series on the beginners route with Charlie Spencer and Toby Tyson enjoying second and third spots.  Summer Brookbank took home the win and rider of the day at the final round.

Like a scene from Crackerjack, Oliver Arkwright travelled back to Lancashire with an armful of trophies after bossing the D-Class beginners.  A win on the day ensured he remained in the number 1 spot on the podium to win the series.  Matthew Horne followed in his brother’s winning ways to take third on the day and second in the Championship.  The two boys were joined by Brayden Cummins although, at the final round Jacob Wakeling enjoyed the third spot in his first ever OSET Cup trial.

Toyne from Richtoy MotorSport,said: “The best part of the day is seeing those smiles at the end.  They had grins like Cheshire cats – and so they should – they’d worked hard and can really see them beginning progress in their ability.  The white route is for absolute beginners, a bit of fun, and aims to get the youngest kids to ride consistently on the pegs, through the flags and start to feel confident in trickier techniques such as turning downhill, riding on cambers and over small rocks and roots.”

Images courtesy of John Wilkinson and Penny Hutchinson

Moving up to the intermediate route, Simon Armstrong from OSET Bikes, said: “At this stage kids ride independently of mum and dad and consistently stand on the pegs, feeling confident in their ability.”

Many of kids on the intermediate route had moved up from riding white route last year.  It was a huge delight and great achievement for William Sagar, who took the overall win for the 2015 season. The youngster graduated to an OSET 16.0, which made all the difference.   Second and third proved a nailbiter with Joel Hazlett pipping Jack Spencer to the second spot.

On the day, Harrison McElnea rode an almost clean trial to drop just four marks – no doubt he’ll be tackling the hard route next year.  Jacob Potts enjoyed second place in only his second OSET Cup North event and Callum Richardson stepped into third position on the podium to complete the final round results.

The only E-Class rider to take on the intermediate route was Tyler Atkinson.  Always smiling, always willing to give everything a go he truly deserved the top spot.  Toyne added: “I think he found it harder climbing onto the podium than riding his bike!  Great job Tyler and we’re looking forward to seeing you next year.”

Firmly in the sights of the intermediate riders are the kids riding the hard route.  With at least four national level riders in this group, the sections are set out to be technical, demanding and require skill and the ability to ride with confidence over some much larger obstacles.

It was a double win for Jasper Fox at the final round and series champion.  His dad, Toyne, said: “At the beginning of last year I’d say he was looking to emulate the red route riders and we were near the back of the pack.  A steep learning curve in our first year has meant that this year, we were ready.  We knew what was expected and Jasper’s riding over the course of two summers has come on exponentially.”

Jenson Jones took second place.  The Lancashire lad, goes about his riding quietly and has bags of ability, while Alex Horne was just one mark behind taking third overall.  Toby Shaw may have missed out on a podium place in the series but stepped up to take third on the day – with just one dab separating him and Alex.

Simon described the top four: “There really isn’t a lot to separate these boys.  Jenson, Jasper, Toby and Alex have been swapping dabs and podium places all year.  Their will to win sees them constantly pushing themselves.  Again this year, we have been staggered by their ability – the bar is only getting higher!”

And finally, Myles Hutchinson, Dominic Horne and George Hemingway took on the elite route.  Finishing in that order (with no rounds dropped), Simon said: “These boys followed the red route with a few blue deviations, to increase the difficulty.  They stand them in good stead for the nationals that they all ride.”

The OSET Cup North wishes to thank Richtoy, Trials UK, Colin Appleyard Motorcycles and Splatshop for the support given at each of the four rounds and is looking forward to repeating a similar event next year.  Any one off OSET trials around Yorkshire will be posted on the OSET Website along with existing events.


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