It’s now eight years since the first ever OSET Cup hosted by Yorkshire’s Yeadon Guiseley DMC.  It was designed to give a handful of the youngest riders and parents the opportunity to have some fun while learning how to ride trials, as the age children could ride at an organised event had been lowered to four.  Several of these kids have since gone on to ride and win the British Championship.


Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “Back then we had just two models – the 12.5 and a 16.0.  We had moved back from the USA to help develop OSET in the UK and we were still very much seen as a bit of a novelty to be honest.  I brought the family up to Yorkshire to see how our bikes were being ridden by the kids and was completely overwhelmed by the welcome and actually seeing over 20 riders all on OSETs, all having fun, all competing.


“That, for me, is what it’s all about.  And that’s still what it’s about.  Seeing kids having fun on an OSET or witnessing the sense of achievement they get from nailing a big or complicated section is brilliant!  Our bikes provide transferrable two-wheeled skills for life as the electric power means they can be ridden virtually anywhere.  Kids can finish the homework then get the bike in the back garden for practice!”


2019 sees ten confirmed OSET Cups running across the UK so far.  Locations include, Cornwall, Peterborough, South Wales, North West Scotland, Cheshire, Kent, Northants, Yorkshire and Derbyshire and full details are available on the website and posted regularly on the Facebook page.


Anyone new to trials, you will need an ACU license and to have your own helmet, arms must be covered, and you must wear gloves and boots to be able to ride.  The company is also working on providing full details of ‘where to ride’ and ‘where to try’ which will be posted on the OSET Bikes website www.osetbikes.com/gb

Simon Armstrong, who runs the OSET Cup North and is OSET’s sales manager. said: “Every kid that won has won the D-Class British championship in the last eight years has ridden OSET Cups.  They all started here!  Whether you are a rider that just wants to have some fun or one who wants to compete at the highest level, we have something for everyone.”


Any clubs or individuals interested in hosting an OSET Cup please email james@osetbikes.com


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