OSET PR-1 Project Bike

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The story of OSET is quite well known, with the company growing over the last 11 years to the point it is at today – as a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer with a range of 7 machines – and two more on the way in the form of the MX-10 and 24.0. These machines are the focus of OSET bikes going forward, along with the development of new electric machines in the years to come.

OSET’s founder and owner, Ian Smith, has designed machines over this time with an eye to the needs of OSET’s first, and longest standing rider – his son Oliver. Oliver is celebrating his 15th birthday this month, and has reached a level as a trials rider that allows him to compete at European and World Championship events at the Youth 125cc level. Oliver’s favourite bike to ride is his 24.0, but in competitions he has ridden the excellent Sherco 125 for the last two seasons. He has always enjoyed the Sherco, and continues to think of it as the best 125cc bike in the marketplace.

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OSET being OSET, and Ian being Ian – the decision was made several months ago to have a go at designing and building an OSET chassis around the engine of his 2014 Sherco 125 machine. All of OSET’s design and R&D work is done in the UK, and the team decided it would be a fun exercise to develop a chassis and build a bike. The team agreed it should not detract from OSET work in any way, but would be a ‘spare time & overtime’ project.

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The OSET ‘PR-1’ is the result of this work. The chassis was designed, developed and built in the UK. The bike takes in many of the design ideas from the 24.0 and other OSET projects, and has allowed the team to understand different design approaches and building techniques. These skills will be put to use in future OSET projects.

Does OSET believe that a competitive full size electric OSET is not feasible? No… absolutely not. Watch this space for future OSET developments.

The intention is to learn from the PR-1, and for Oliver to ride it through the 2016 season at events, while using his OSET 24.0 for training, fun & at OSET Cup events. The PR-1’s first outing will be at the Santigosa 3 day trial in Spain this weekend, followed by the first European Championship round in Italy, then the first UK Youth National.

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Ian and Oliver would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Chris Pearson at Splat Shop for all his help, and for rebuilding the 2014 motor. It’s lovely! Also a massive thank you to the OSET Team for being behind a project and donating their time!

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