Pedal Up officially released on iOS and Android

Addictive bike-trials game “Pedal UP!” officially releases on iOS and Android with a new trailer!

Made by real-life trials riders, PEDAL UP! is an insanely challenging bike-trials balance game that’s fun to play and tough as nails to master.

Vancouver, Canada: Canadian developer Derailleur Interactive is proud to announce the release of their new 3D physics-based bike-trials game “PEDAL UP!”.  It’s available for download right now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Inspired by the extreme sport of bike-trials, “PEDAL UP!” gives you the chance to try back wheel hops, nose-wheelies, bunny-hops, and many more exciting tricks. Players use their skills, balance and creativity to navigate any obstacle in their own way. “PEDAL UP!” features an advanced Camera Mode to record and share memorable tricks and spectacular crashes. Intuitive controls and flexible gameplay styles really set “PEDAL UP!” apart. It’s surprising how simple and fun it is to attempt real life trials moves in the game. There hasn’t been a bike-trials game quite like this before.

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