Pre 65 Scottish 2015



New for the 2015 event you can now check that your entry has been received for the Pre’65 Scottish Trial 2015 on the Pre’65 page of .  This list will be updated twice weekly during the two weeks prior to the closing date for entries on Friday 5 December 2014.  If you haven’t entered yet and are planning to do so, please DO IT NOW as time is rapidly running out.  Only entries on the 2015 Entry form will be accepted.

The organisation of the 2015 Trial is in full swing and the committee are planning to stage another first class trial in the same vein as the very successful 2014 edition.  Anyone interested in offering their services to help, please contact the Secretary to note their interest and get further information – email

The Ballot Explained … 

The ballot is not a case of pulling 180 names out of a hat as a great many believe.  If only it was that easy.  In actual fact it is a very complex procedure to ensure it is done as fairly as possible and we have tried to explain below how we do it.

To ensure a varied mix of different makes of bike as well as riders, age, nationality, newcomers and cc class all the entrants are put into different categories ready for ballot..  Our aim is to have a balance in all cc classes, ie, approximately 45 in each cc class.  This is the starting point but by the time we actually get to the trial this balance won’t be as apparent due to withdrawals as the list of reserve riders are not defined by cc class.

• When entries are received they are put into their cc class.
• Only those entries that arrive by the closing date and comply with the rules are entered into the ballot.  Any entrant who submits an entry with a bike that has eligibility issues will be notified so that they can have the opportunity to rectify it if they wish to do so.  If the entry is received early enough, these issues could be rectified and the secretary notified before the closing date for the current year.  Late entries are not balloted.
• Award winners from the previous trial are guaranteed a place if their bike complies.
• A few places are reserved at the discretion of the committee.  These are for our sponsor’s riders (not free of charge) and any special interest or unusual bikes to ensure as many makes as possible are represented.
• Riders who have been unsuccessful in the ballot for 3 consecutive years are flagged up from the database and given priority if their bike is eligible.
• Approximately 20 Scottish riders are balloted
• Approximately 35 Overseas riders are balloted.  This is anyone who does not hold an SACU or ACU Competition Licence.
• About 35 Newcomers are balloted.  This includes riders in all the categories which precede this part of the ballot.
• All the remaining places are balloted from the entries that have not been successful in the above categories and this is done by cc class.
• After the main ballot has been completed, another ballot takes place for the Reserve List.  These riders are notified of their reserve list number and should be aware that they may get a ride at the very last minute.

If you have sent in an entry you can check the alphabetical List of Entries Received to see that it has arrived. The next list will be posted on the weekend of 22/23 November 2014 and then twice weekly in the remaining 2 weeks to the closing date of 5 December 2014. If you haven’t entered yet and wish to do so, you only have a few more weeks in which to do so.

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The ballot is a very time consuming exercise and takes up most of the day.  Whilst we would love to accommodate all entrants, due to being so over-subscribed, we unfortunately have to disappoint a great many.  However, don’t despair, we do have measures in place to ensure that you don’t go more than 3 years without a ride if you enter every year with an eligible bike.

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