Raga maintains good pace in Spanish title race

Adam Raga maintains his good pace in the National Trial with a new podium in Arnedillo

After a two-month break, motivated by the start of the TrialGP World Championship, the Spanish Trial Championship resumed with the third qualifying race for the TR1, fourth for the remaining categories. The locality of La Rioja in Arnedillo , under the baton of the Motoclub Calahorra , witnessed a trial with long and technical zones, as well as demanding for the intense heat of the whole weekend.

Adam Raga saw how his career got complicated before he started. Again he left disadvantaged in the distribution of the order of exit, having to leave first, opening areas without any reference in the paths. In spite of the good general control of the Tarraconian driver, the problems of zone three, where he added two fiascos, loaded to him in excess a card that he had to defend with a brilliant second part of the race to assure a positive second position that keeps him alive in The fight for the championship.

Marc Riba , also TR1 driver, eleventh in Arnedillo, continues to adapt to the category and improving his records zone after zone, lap by lap, which is the great objective proposed for the debutante in the top category.

In TR2 the best rated was Sam Obradò , fifth, far from the result that he himself expected in a race where a series of small mistakes have been decisive in the final classification.Sam has gone from less to more during the day, managed to lower his partial registration in half during the second passage through the zones.

In TR2 was also young Eric Miquel , who finished sixth, then his teammate, with three more points on his card. A good result that Eric himself hopes to improve in the next races.

We also highlight the victory of David Millán in TR3 , followed by Víctor Palomares , also to the controls of a TRS. In the Junior category, seventh position for Juan Antonio Cabrera . In TR4 , eighth position for Toni Soler and eleventh for Jaime Mir.

The fifth and sixth race of the Spanish Trial Championship 2017 will be played in the next 15 and 16 July in Sant Corneli, Barcelona.

Adam Raga – TR1
“We have returned to be penalized with the order of exit, having to open race alone, without references. This system of classification is unfair and subtracts spectacle. I have made two mistakes in zone three that have made me face the rest of the race very loaded with points, so I consider positive this second position and the good performance that we have returned to show in race.
Marc Riba – TR1
“It was a difficult and hard trial by the intense heat. The areas were broken a lot with the passage of the pilots. In general there are areas that have gone quite well, in others that could have done better have not come out, but we are working on the good line to be closer to the drivers ahead. From zone 7 I ran with pain in the wrist by a strong fall. “
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